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A Weekend in A Zambales Paradise

Based from my camping experience in Anawangin Cove - December 1-2, 2007

Last weekend I got the opportunity to camp in one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines – Anawangin Cove. It’s tucked between two mountains along the shores of Iba, Zambales. The only sign of modern times are the people who camp along the area, the water pump and the toilets inside the caretaker's version of a restroom . There are no faucets, electricity, telephones and cellphone signal. You can go here for a weekend and literally disappear from the face of the planet. The island is accessible in two ways. The first and most common method is by hiring a boat from Pundakit Beach and asking the boat to pick you up at a designated time. Don’t worry because they really keep their commitment and they do come on time. The second one is by trekking your way to the cove from Pundakit beach, which would take you a minimum of three hours (that is if everyone in the group had enough exercise). Since our group com…

Climbing Mt. Manalmon

I  enjoyed Mt. Manalmon because in less than 24 hours, we were able to :

Cross on cable wires suspended 20 feet over the Madlum river which according to locals claims at least one life annually. The cable wires was around 75 meters long. We had to cross this or we walk 1 KM to the Madlum caves. We decided to take the road less traveled and do the cable crossing. Geez, that road was less than an inch thick.

Do some spelunking on Madlum cave – a historical site where a shrine of San Miguel was retrieved. The cave also served as a hideout for Japanese soldiers during WWII. According to our guide, this is also where 9 Filipino soldiers successfully assaulted around 300 Japanese soldiers.

Bouldering – Wohoo! I had a great time doing this. Outside the Madlum cave overlooking the river, we spotted some boulders and climbed on it.

Ride a bamboo raft and clung for dear life. We needed to cross Madlum River to get to the jump-off of Mt. Manalmon and we had two options – cross using a raft or two - …

What Football Taught Me

I discovered football  when I was 13 years old. It was a weekend and I was in school for a project. I was walking in our building and from the veranda, I saw uniformed kids in the football field. At first it was just the colors of the uniform that caught my eye – dark blue, neon green socks. Then when the game finally started, I instantly felt attracted to football. I’m not sure what it was – maybe it was the way they pass the ball with their foot or how they move aggressively towards their opponents but I knew it was the kind of game I wanted to play. I stared at the game intently for a few minutes and then it was time for me to go and work on our group project. 
After several months, football tryouts were held. At first I was hesitant to join. I didn’t know crap about football but I wanted to learn how to play it. Plus, I have phobia on athletic teachers. I hated PE since I was a kid because my previous PE teachers were all mean. It was traumatizing for me. They would correct …

My Version of A Great Weekend

Last Saturday, I went to Ultra for my usual weekend jog. I was really excited to go because I only get to jog there twice a week. I considered it as my version of quality “me time” because for most of the week, I’m never alone. However, as I approached the back entrance, this tall, muscular guy in black shirt blocked the gate and asked where I was going. I found it weird because they don’t normally have bouncers by the pedestrian entrance. I considered walking past him but he is almost twice my size and he looked like he can throw me back to my house. As confident as I could, I told him I’ll be going to the track and like a secret password he let me in. He must have thought I live there since there are dorms in Ultra. Much to my disappointment, it turns out that the track is closed to the jogging public until December 5 because there were several events being held. I felt really crushed.I have been looking forward to go there all week. I loved sitting on the cement, watching the sky,…

Mt. Pinatubo - With my Bare Foot

Our group had already been walking for about an hour. It was tremendously hot and although the trail was pretty much even - similar to walking on a beach with some gravel, everyone, with the exception of some tenured climbers, were just trying to make it one step at a time.  The trail was also getting boring since there isn’t much sight to see except mounds of sand. Mind you, I have high tolerance for heat, but the weight on my back was getting the best of me and I wasn’t wearing a cap to protect myself from the sun (another lesson learned).
Our group decided to rest on this area with flowing steamy water and slight stench of sulphur. I was pretty happy to see something else aside from gray sand so I gamely dipped my whole shoe into the water. I waded my foot in the water for a few minutes then it was time to go. After a few minutes of resuming the trek, I felt the undersole of my shoe  separating from the heel. Then it finally came off after a few steps! I didn’t know what to do, I d…

Trying Out Paintball in Global Gutz

My Team - me in shorts
It's shooting time!

I just got home hours ago from a teambuilding activity in Pasay city. Me and my officemates including our managers played paintball against each other. We were divided into two teams and we battled hard and rough under the hot sun. We started around 9am and finished at about 11am. It was my first time to play paintball and was a bit apprehensive about it at first. Believe it or not, it’s not about getting hurt that freaks me out, but the thought of causing pain to other people. You see, to play paintball, you will be using “guns” loaded with paintball pellets. It actually looks like a mini armalite. It uses air pressure to shoot out the pellets so it’s very painful when it hits you on the flesh. I don’t really feel like hurting any of them since I’m friends with most of them.

I wore shorts for the activity which normally isn’t allowed but they had no choice but to let me play since I’m there already and me and my team organized the whole th…

A Different World Right Here in Manila – My Tondo Experience

Last Saturday, quite early on a weekend - at 6:00 AM, I woke up to meet with the rest of the group from work. I didn’t really know any of them except that we all volunteered to paint a school library somewhere in Tondo. I was actually a bit anxious because I didn’t know anyone and I wondered how we’ll get along. I also thought of ditching the activity and just sleep the whole morning then hang out with my friends in the afternoon but I felt guilty. It’s not like me to be that selfish. Anyway, I really wanted to help out and experience the other side of Tondo. I know lots of well to do families live there too but some of the areas is unfortunately more famous as a breeding ground for macho sangganos, snatchers, murderers, avenue for domestic violence, child abuse and as deep as you can get type of poverty. I’ve actually been there a couple of times forwork. I used to go to MakroNorthHarbor about once a month and I’ve never been robbed althoughI would often hear talk to people who know…

Getting Lost in the Mountains and Finding Paradise

College Days- Me and 6 other guys from school went camping in Pico De Loro in Ternate, Cavite. After summiting on the second day, we traversed to the beach but on our way to the beach, the trail we were following suddenly stopped and we realized we're in the middle of nowhere. We were suprised because two of the guys we were with have been there and they knew the way. We decided to follow the path of a dried river and got lost even more. It was really hot and very uncomfortable, there were fat mosquitos everywhere who keep on biting my legs. Luckily, after walking in circles for about an hour or so, a local found us and suggested a beach different from where weintended to go. Since the only way to that island was through a boat, we made arrangements with a local fisherman to bring us there and pick us up at a specified time.

The boatman brought us to an island which was a bit similar to the beach in the movie - “The Beach”. The sand was white. Opposite the shore, separated by vas…

Beach Football 2007 in Subic

Doreen and Me - Riding a van on our way to our Hotel - (Winter Pavillion of the Grand Seasons Hotel) looking so sweaty Crashing Xavier and Marcus' Hotel Room at the Legenda Hotel and Casino (whooo..posh..but not too posh is it..walang libreng WIFI!)The rest of the team - Lancer, Nadine, Monica and Myka crash into the boy's room and we all knew we will all be lacking sleep. The Burrito girls - Erin, Karen (my lil sis) and DoreenHot, tired but never lacking energy for the camera - LFC Alabang Awwww...Friends for Life?!! Let's Get it On - Me struggling to steal the ball from this girl from UP One of the major sponsors of the tournament was San Miguel Beer. All the teams were made to wear the shirts they gave out at the registrationSan Miguel Beer - Walang Katulad talaga! Thank you also to Legenda and ANC for sponsoring this event!Look to the left side of this picture and you will see two empty cans of San Miguel Beer. The tremendous heat made all of us so thirsty and since Sa…