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Girl Bonding Weekend in Anawangin Cove

The Perfect Recipe for a Great Weekend : Two single, happy, old pals. Me and Bitchay were classmates in high school. We used to get into a lot of trouble because we laugh so loudly in class. Even though I've known her for over 10 years, I still continue to learn new things about her like...hahahaa...I can't tell you, it's a girl thing. January 19, 2008We left Manila on the 3:30 AM trip of Victory Liner bound for Olongapo.
8:30 AM - We boarded a boat in Pudaquit Beach and that's when the real adventure started. First Stop : Camera Island - Iba, Zambales
I learned about this island by browsing You Tube. After watching 3 guys explore this uninhabited island, I felt an intense urge to see the place for myself. As our boat approached the shoreline, violent waves greeted us and our boatman broke the bad news - we cannot dock on the shore. The best he could was to slow down the boat and give us a few minutes to take pictures. As happy as I was to see Camera Island, not being ab…

Half A Day in Barrio Barretto, Olongapo

Written : Jan 22, '08 8:46 PM

After a day of camping in a remote island in Zambales, me and my gal pal Bitchay craved for a good bath straight off a real faucet. After the short tricycle ride from Brgy. Pundaquit, we immediately sent text messages to our friends to ask for information where we could stay. While on board an ordinary bus bound for Olongapo, I received a text message from my friend Tina who wasin Manila and she told me to check out Barretto, a town before the bus stop to Olongapo which has a lot of beach resorts along the highway. I consulted the locals sitting with us at the back part of the bus to determine if Barretto is indeed a better option than travelling all the way to Subic. After their enthusiastic replies (Local: "oo, maganda dun!") I was convinced that it was a promising destination. Subic Mirage Inn (Formerly Known as Casa Blanca)

The conductor let us off on the part of the highway across The Coffee Shop, a prominent restaurant in the area which …

Sharing Some Information on Mt. Cristobal

Written : Jan 16, '08 2:29 PM

I was given a chance to climb it last weekend (January 12-13, 2008) and aside from me forgetting the ground sheet which caused some water to penetrate the floor of my tent, I had a great time mingling with a group of energetic mountaineers - Mountain Lemmings.

Trail : Thick rainforest, must wear durable shoes if possible - waterproof. Trail is highly visible. There were several parts of the trail where we had to cling to tree roots. Watch out for deep ravines. Getting There :From JAC Liner station along EDSA (it's near GMA-Kamuning MRT Station, north bound) board the bus to Lucena and ask the conductor to let you off at 7 Eleven in San Pablo City - 119 pesos/head (airconditioned bus). It's around 3-4 hours from EDSA to San Pablo City.
From 7 Eleven, walk towards the Jeepney station near a commercial center (forgot the name of the center, sorry but you can ask around)..walking will take around 10-15 minutes.
Hire a jeep for a ride to the geothermal…