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Football Sunday

My whole body is in pain. Even coughing hurts.It’s aworth-it type of pain derived from two hours of playing football under the hot sun with 8 other guys. (Serves me right for being lazy and skipping the entire cool down exercises after the game.) Did I just say 8 guys? No wonder I’m in agony! After a year of taking a rest from one of my favorite sports,yesterday morning, I found myself stepping in the familiar green grass of a football field. Though the game was held on a different venue,the sight of thegrass and the goals instantly felt like home.Our teamhad been invited to play against these people from another office but only two of us from Sykes showed up so wejust regrouped with the other team. There were 8 of us adults and this male kid. Being the only girl in the team, the guys went easy on me for the first few minutes butafter making a few tackles, some of the guys had forgotten that I am from the other gender. One guy managed to step on my foot, one guy hadslammed his arms…

Mt. Arayat Adventure (Itinerary included)

Mt. Arayat was not part of the list of mountains I was interested in climbing because of its notoriety in having guides who overcharge their services and its reputation in the past of having rebels in the area. I was also apprehensive about the military presence in that town for fear of being wrongfully accused as a leftist and be tortured – blame that on my hyperactive imagination. It was a huge irony that we finally decided on having Mt. Arayat as our next adventure after carefully researching the area, the itinerary and asking fellow mountaineers who have been there. 

It turned out to be a great decision because Mt. Arayat is a beautiful mountain. As you begin the ascent from the DENR training center, you will encounter an exposed trail filled with rocks. It’s about an hour and a half until you reach the cooler part of the mountain with thicker vegetation but the view of Pampanga from your back is enough motivation to get you going no matter how hot the weather is. You will also see…