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A Different Adventure

May 24-25, 2008 - Brgy. Bueno, Capas, TarlacUsually, when I cross riversand trek on mountains, it is to experience nature and witness a beautiful summit. Last weekend, was a different kind of adventure and this time around, we did not come for anything else but the people who dwell within the mountains that most of us love to explore. We came to bring hope for the children who are unable to afford basic necessities for their schooling.Again, thanks to Mountain Lemmings for allowing me to join in their activity. As usual, the experience was adventure-filled, enlightening, fun and fulfilling. It is also a great reminder that one can never be too poor to share or make a positive difference in this country of ours. It was again an unforgettable affair and just like in any football game, below are the highlights:Elf truck ride going to the venue – it was a ride to remember because of two things 1. it was my first time to ride at the back of an elf truck while breezing through a wide road. …

A Cooking Adventure Fiasco

Behind the Beauty of Anawangin - A Different Perspective

*got the inspiration for the title from Omar's blog. :) pahiram po..
A lot of people are passing emails about the dangers in Anawangin but more than the strong current in the part of the ocean near the river which has already caused a life, we also have to consider that the influx of visitors in our beloved Anawangin Cove has caused a problem in waste management in the area.
This is really embarrassing. We are supposed to be civilized after all. Most of the people who go to Anawangin Cove have money to spare but don’t even have the decency to take care of the waste they brought it. Tsk tsk. A lot of us forget that when we visit a place, even how much we pay to get there, we are not entitled to deface it in any way. We're all travellers seeking our own paradise. Let's take care of our resources. We are already suffering from economic crisis, let's not degrade our ourselves by destroying the beautiful things we still have.
I was guilty of letting the caretakers get my garba…

Sta. Cruz, Zambales Weekend

Last weekend, I was set to go on another mini backpacking trip to the farthest point in Zambales – with one of my oldest friends – Bitchay. It’s been a while since we went out on a trip and I was really excited. Everything was set. I had already booked a resort – actually I practically begged the girl from the resort to give us a room. They only had 5 rooms and were fully booked that weekend but she told me she’ll call me again when they have a cancellation. I told her we can sleep in a tent. Me and Bitchay even prayed together so that we can have a room. Thursday morning, I received a text from the resort and they told me they had a cancellation! Yay! Answered prayer!

I even bought sunblock and chips in advance. Friday morning, I received a text message from Bitchay saying she couldn’t make it because she had to bring her mom to the doctor. I cannot argue with that. Family comes first right?So there I was, set to go on a summer adventure with no company just when I was not in the moo…