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My Want List

Aside from the gadgets I want to acquire, for 2009, I want to:1. Learn a new language - I'm still crazy over learning Hindi but I can't find any books about it. I saw some online resources though. My second choice is Arabic, third is Bahasa. Fourth is Spanish. Fifth is Chinese. 2. Be fluent with my Cebuano - hahaha..I'm a bit far from being fluent but I do understand some words - gamay lang.. I hope to learn more when I do my "Visayas expedition" this December. I'm quite excited about it. It's going to be another solo travel where I hope to practice my Cebuano, eat chicken Bacolod in Bacolod, find a great beach and see a lot of shirtless guys. 3. Do something different like sky diving, a new sport perhaps - like boxing or muay thai - just anything besides climbing and football. 4. Romance perhaps? hehehe! Only God knows.

Return to Pico De Loro

The last time I went to Pico De Loro in Ternate, Cavite was when we had an initiation climb for the newbies in my former mountaineering club in college. That’s about 10 years ago. We had a night trek, I think that was my first night trek as well and everyone was excited. The newbies even bought a replica of the mask they used in the movie, “Scream” and a gadget that alters your voice to scare the other girls. 
They were a bit noisy for a while but they eventually piped down because we were trained to be disciplined and responsible mountaineers – responsible and respectful to ourselves, the people around us and of course to the nature we love. So yeah, we had fun, but we try not to be disruptive. (Thank you sir Corro for the invaluable lessons!).
This particular climbing trip brought a lot of memories and though I’ve seen Pico several times, after 10 years, there were a lot ofnice changes in the mountain where we used to train like more trail signs and different jump-offs. The summit, b…

Cebu Pacific Air Seat Sale..Etc etc

I'm off to Pico De Loro in about five hours and I don't feel like sleeping yet. I'm not that excited. I mean, I want to be with my friends (which is the exciting part) but it's about my 3rd or 4th time there. This mountain brings me fond memories of my college years, back when I alternate football training with climbing. Life was so simple back then. Now, I think of the future, of guys, of falling in love, of wanting more out of life. Hahaha..I'm getting a little dramatic. I guess, I just miss someone. Oh well, I have to move on. What I wanted to share actually is about the seat sale of Cebu just login at for more details. There are some great deals like a round trip ticket to Busuanga (Palawan) for less than 500 pesos, all in - that's round trip (no baggage) already. Another thing I want to share is that, I am excited to go skydiving. I don't have the full details yet but I plan to do it this November before my 28th birth…

Mt. Arayat Exploratory Traverse

I was excited and nervous when I agreed to join Jay-Z and Milmar on their Mt. Arayat day hike traverse using a trail which I haven't seen before. Both guys are friends from our office outdoor group and are currently addicted to climbing. They’re planning to scale whatever mountain they can climb this year, such as Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Mt. Ugo and a whole lot more. As for myself - I’m more into light trekking and backpacking these days but I still do outrageous climbs from time to time to satisfy my insatiable desire for adventure. I felt extremely nervous because I'm not as physically as strong as those two. I slipped on a bridge two weeks ago while trekking at the Kinabalu National Park and almost broke my back. It still hurts a bit and I'm scared to strain it some more, but this is another chance to go on an unforgettable adventure and there's no way I'm backing out from this because of a little pain.

I was also curious to see what the other trail can offer as I&#…

The Arayat Challenge

I am climbing again! Me, JayZ and Milmar will be giving the Mt. Arayat day hike traverse a shot tomorrow morning. I think we will be starting at the North peak, otherwise known as the Magalang trail and go down via the South Peak, more popularly known in the mountaineering community as the Magulang trail because of all the fees they charge their visitors. Its proper name is actually the Baño trail or the Arayat National Park trail.I’ve been to the “Magulang trail” last year and though the experience wasn’t good, it wasn’t all that bad either. We did encounter a lot of nice, helpful people. The lady in the barangay was quite accomodating and while waiting for her to print our permit, we feasted our eyes on the “missing people” posters pasted on the walls of the barangay hall. They were suspected rebels who were believed to have been abducted and tortured by the radical members of the military. The tricycle driver on our way there asked for extra pay when we got to the jump-off. He want…

BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER Outreach - Trek to the Mountains and Give Out School Supplies

*reposting from the BBBS website:This year's venue would be the community in Mt. Asog, Buhi, Cam SurIt's a joy to watch children running around and playing in the streets. However, for many children in the Philippines who are in the streets, it is not a school holiday, but a harsh reality - their parents can not afford to buy them enough school supplies to send them to school.The Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) Community Outreach Program, conceived in the year 2005, is here to fill that need for these children, especially those who live in remote mountain areas. Each year, sponsors and volunteers carry the school supplies and trek through mountain trails to give them to the children in person. On May 16-17 this year, BBBS will visit the communities of Mt. Asog in Buhi, Camarines Sur to distribute school packs to the children.

For only THREE HUNDRED PHILIPPINE PESOS (P 300.00) or approximately SEVEN U.S. DOLLARS (USD 7.00), a big brother or sister may sponsor one student's sch…

A Nice Gift From Above

I encountered several aggravating circumstances this week, but I prefer to focus on the good. I’ve been wanting to buy an MP3 player for some time now, but most of my resources go to athletic gear, traveling and household expenses. I know eventually, I would be able to buy one and so I focused on that – told my mind that I’m getting one this year. I even wrote a list of the MP3’s I wanted. And you know what, just this evening – I finally have my own MP3 player without shelling out a peso. My younger brother came home from an office conference and they were all given brand new MP3 players! Since he’s not into those, he just gave his to me – and I swear I didn’t use any form of force! On top of that, he gave me a new Victorinox Swiss knife to replace my old one, plus some pouch bags. I’m going to miss my old knife though since it has been with me to almost all my adventures. I gave my old one to my mother because she wanted one that had shears. Now, I have a new, shiny one to build new …

Day 3 – March 15, 2009 – Discovering Sandakan

Sandakan is the second largest city in Sabah located in the island of Borneo. We decided to go here because of what we read from a travel brochure we got from the airport. It was filled with narrations and colorful pictures of what Sandakan can offer - beaches, rainforests, orangutans!

We went here Sunday morning after we did some shopping at the Gaya Street Sunday morning market in Kota Kinabalu city. It was a very uncomfortably humid day but a fab find - a beaded football coin purse cheered me up. 
Sandakan is 6 hours away from Kota Kinabalu by bus and we rode a cab for 20MYR to get to the bus terminal in Inanam. As an alternate, you can also ride a plane from Kota Kinabalu via Air Asia which will only take you about 45 minutes. Of course, it costs more.
The bus ride was uneventful. We passed by a highway with mountains on both sides and several times during that ride, I had to remind myself that I was not in the Philippines. With the exception of signboards in Bahasa and vehicles mo…

Day 2 – March 14, 2009 – Falling in Love with Mt. Kinabalu

Mao and I woke up around 6:00am to prepare our stuffs for our visit to the Kinabalu National Park. Ervin, the French guy was dead set on climbing the peak while we were just there to check out the park and walk around so we  wore our trekking shoes. Eamonn the Irish guy, who reminds me so much of my friend Erwin, also went with us.
Kuni, our Japanese host from Couchsurfing took us to the terminal near the city centre to catch the mini van to the Kinabalu National Park which is a world heritage site. Fare was 15MYR each. When we got in, there were only about 3 locals – most of us it seemed were headed to the park. The ride took two hours and as the van sped nearer to the park, we saw one of the summits of Kinabalu. It was amazing – mighty high and partially covered with fog. I fell in love with it and would definitely go back for its summit.

The Kinabalu National park is a World Heritage Site. We paid 15MYR each for the entrance. This pass is also valid for three days if you will be st…

Five Days in Borneo

This is about my most recent trip with a friend of mine – Mao. We booked this trip last July 2008 when Air Asia had a seat sale. I got my ticket for a great bargain – 3,600 pesos net for a round trip ticket from Clark to Kota Kinabalu in the Borneo side of Malaysia. Mao and I used to jog together in UP back when he still worked in Manila and hang out in the mall, share stories and joke around. This was our first trip together and what made this trip more memorable was the people we met, food we ate, stuff we did and the things we learned about each other.
Day 1 – March 13, 2009 – Friday the 13th! My First CouchSurfing ExperienceCouchSurfing from what I understand is a networking community for travelers. They have this site where you can meet fellow travelers, show them around or let them stay in your place. I’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback about it from my friends who are seasoned travelers. Mao is one of its active members while little me is the loner type of traveler who do…