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My First Sunburn for the Rainy Season – The Pinagbanderahan Peak Experience

Though summer had officially ended weeks ago, this did not stop me from getting a smooching  kiss from the sun.

Now my skin is all toasty and a bit itchy. Most of my limbs are aching from my weekend getaway of hiking and swimming with my other mountaineer friends, plus Tom, Milmar’s friend who is now getting acquainted to the amusing world of the great outdoors.

On a very humid Saturday afternoon, our group of six convened at the Lucena Grand Terminal. From there, we rode an ordinary AB Liner bus bound for Ginangan-Calauag which took us to the main highway going to the Quezon National Park. The windy hot ride lasted for less than 45 minutes and while on the way, I was able to have a little chat with a local shrimp vendor who was coming home from a morning of selling shrimps.

We trekked for about 15 minutes down the cemented highway before we decided to stop and just hitch a ride from total strangers. The main jump-off to Pinagbanderahan peak is about two hours away on foot and only a c…

Back from Batanes

Just got home this afternoon from my very brief but adventure-filled stay in Beautiful Batanes. I'm still catching up on another blog post so I'll probably write about in the next few days or so. Hehehe! Can't resist telling you about it though.
Me and a friend stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and during that short stay, we were able to tour a bit of Batan and Sabtang island. These are two of the three major islands of Batanes. We missed Itbayat which is 4 hours away from Batan by a hellish boat ride (according to a local I spoke with), so a return trip is in order. Hehehe!
Basco, the capital of Batanes located in Batan island is quite different from what I've read due to the developments in the area. There's cellphone signal, several computer shops and 24 hours electricity, which is actually for the good of people living there. What's particularly charming about it are the landscape and the people. Here, you won't see huge signboards or stone markers bo…

Doing Anything This June 25?

Too bad I am out of town on this date....

A Backpacking Movie

Found this interesting movie while surfing the net:'s about this guy who goes backpacking around the world. According to its website, it is the most awarded winning independent film for 2007. Intriguing huh?! Haven't seen it but there are episodes uploaded in You Tube.

God's Message Today

Reposting from a Facebook application:Galing! This is just what I needed... On this day of your life, Christine, we believe God wants you to know...
... that humans learn only by trial and error, and that includes you.

You've got to live life, not think about it. Step into the midst of things, try and fail and learn and stand up again. The question is not whether you will or will not make mistakes - you will. The question is do you want to learn and grow, or do you want to shrink back and be stuck? Take that step you've been avoiding. You can succeed, or you can get feedback that it didn't work, but in either case you are sure to feel alive

Hapao Rice Terraces, Ifugao - The Hiwang Huts Experience

We left Manila at 10:45PM in an attractive pink Florida bus. It was a nice shift from the antiquated Autobus we rode back in January when me and other friends from my backpacking circle did a Batad-Sagada trip. :P 
It was an arduous, butt-numbing 11 hour bus ride from Manila to Banaue made a little more  interesting with a Vodka Cruiser treat from Milmar and Jayz's Angelina Jolie lips puckering as he slept. (ahh, the simple delights of friendship!)
Upon our arrival, we bought some food from the Banaue Public market for our weekend feeding frenzy. :P

After an hour of roaming around town, a 45-minute of jeepney at the town of Hiwang, plus another 10 minute endurance testing trek up to our hut 1400++ meters above sea level, we finally arrived at our hide-out for the weekend. It was foggy when we got there and Mike swore that there amazing views of the Hapao rice terraces from where we were. At that time, we can only imagine what he was saying.

We quickly set-up our hammocks, then lunch…