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The Secret Island

Yesterday, I ran into a fellow traveler who told me outrageously wonderful stuff about a place here in the Philippines which not a lot of people know about. We got into that discussion because I asked him his favorite photographed place in the entire Philippines. He asked me if it was a trick question and I can understand where he’s coming from. There are tons of amazingly beautiful places all over the country and it’s just difficult to say which one is best if somebody just asked you outright. After a minute, he told me about this place he went to just after graduating from college. It was an exploration trip somewhere in Luzon. It took one week for them to reach this place and another boat ride to get to the island. No public boat goes there and it’s a place that’s not even included in the Philippine map. He told me it was better than Batanes.

I can’t replicate the way he described the place but it sounded so amazing that I can’t get it off my mind - which is why I woke up qu…

Overnight at the Airport

-  July 20, 2009 -

I wanted to cry when the pilot announced that we had arrived 25 minutes ahead of schedule. It was around 10:30PM. I had just flown in from Singapore and was due to fly back to Clark the following day from Kuala Lumpur. I arrived at the LCCT terminal too early and could only check in at 3:30AM for my 7:20 AM flight. I had no money left to take a hostel. I had a total of about 9 hours to wait and I felt really tired.
I finally settled down in a plastic chair in one of the cold lonely wings. LCCT terminal is open for 24 hours and there were lots of people waiting with me. This airport is an hour away by private transportation from the city center and would cost you a lot if you take a cab - around 70MYR or more (from Wikipedia). Most people take the train to KL Sentral which is connected to the airport but it does not operate in time for the first flight. There are also food establishments like Marry Brown and Mc Donald's where you can buy food any time of the day. T…

Air Asia Seat Sale

Air Asia is a budget airline based in Malaysia and currently has two destinations coming from Clark, Pampanga:Kuala Lumpur and Kota KinabaluIt's also the same airline where I was able to book round trip tickets to Kota Kinabalu for roughly 1,200 pesos all in! Their website is quite user-friendly and has convenient features such as early check-in, online shops, etc. Their was formed in 1993 and initiated low cost traveling in Asia.To check out flight schedules, please log on to : http://www.airasia.comGetting to Clark Airport is pretty easy as there are Philtranco buses coming from Pasay and Mega Mall Building A that takes you to the airport doors. They have aligned their trip schedules with the flights. You may buy your ticket two days in advance.Bus Ticket Cost:Coming from Pasay (It's across Cabrera St.) - 350 pesosComing from Mega Mall - 300 pesosIt's a bit hard to get through their hotline but buying bus ticket is a breeze. Address: Edsa corner Apelo Cruz Street*Earli…

Getting Down and Dirty with the Guys

Last Sunday, I had the chance to play football again in the annual office football tournament.
It’s a one day seven-a side mixed gender battle on the field where each sites’ representatives go against the teams from the other sites.

This year, I played for a different team as our account had already been transferred to the farther part of the metro. But unlike the two previous years, I was the only girl in our team. My teammates may have changed but the fun and level of competitiveness had definitely upped its level.

The tournament began with our team playing against the team from Cubao. In the first five minutes of the game, blood had already been shed as one guys from the other team accidentally hit his face against a guy from our lineup. He had to rest for a while and fortunately, everyone kept their cool. After another five minutes, another casualty had to leave the field – me! Some guy accidentally kicked the ball with full force straight at my face – hitting my two eyes and the up…

I Came, I Saw, I was Conquered - Bucolic Batanes

Day 1 – June 25, 2009
It was a blessed day for us. The day before our flight, typhoon Feria was scheduled to hit Manila at 8 in the evening. However, several hours prior to that, when the typhoon reached the Mindoro area, its intensity weakened and its arrival to Manila was delayed. At the morning of our flight, rain began to pour heavily and the sky was instantly filled with clouds. It was with tremendous prayers and positive thoughts that our flight finally pushed through after a two hour delay. My mantra, which I adapted from another adventurous friend, was “Sunshine and blue skies”. My other companion, Connie on the other hand was referring to typhoon Feria as “friend Feria” and she talked to the typhoon as if it was a close friend, in her head asking Feria to let our plane through.
As we began our descent to Basco airport, we were greeted with views of the unbelievably beautiful rolling hills of Batanes that we could not help but shriek in awe despite the fact that the plane was s…