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The Great Bukidnon-Cagayan De Oro Adventure

June 30, 2010

It’s my fifth day, traveling alone on business here in Mindanao and I'm feeling lonely.
I’m not complaining though. The past few days were filled with adventures which were a bit more extreme than what I usually do and I feel thankful that I get paid to explore far flung places around the Philippines with all the expenses shouldered by our company. I also met a lot of nice people – my hosts from Ohana Adventures, who treat me like family and I got to see a lot of sites both in Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon which I wouldn’t even know about if I traveled by myself.
So what is work?
I am a professional guinea pig for adventure tours. Seriously! But that’s just another part of my job. My main job is to set up a company, develop and arrange logistics for adventure tours and test everything before marketing it to people. You know, make sure it’s safe for people to do it. So it’s like – if I get killed while testing it, then we won ’t market it. The irony, hahaha! It can be …

Goddess Venus Must Be Laughing at Me Now

Earlier this evening, I was at the mall trying to scout a shirt for my lolo who’s celebrating his 92nd birthday this weekend. (Wohoo!) . I was actually in a hurry because I was already running late for - brace yourself – The Rachel Zoe project which airs 8:00pm on Thursdays. I refuse to buy pirated DVD’s or download it illegally from the web so I make it a point to catch it when I’m not off somewhere. :P

Like a predator on a hunt,I fiercely made my rounds at several racks of shirts hoping to find something nice. I paused at the area which sells Gola and saw something I liked – a green collared shirt with a cool design. It was on sale too. Perfect. I wasn’t sure though that it was something my lolo would like. I glanced around the store hoping to find some stranger with a built similar to check the shirt on them. My eyes wandered for a millisecond. Suddenly, an angel who might possibly be from hell, because he’s scorching hot walked by. His complexion, reminded me of milk, yummy, thick …

Will Stop Complaining and Start Thanking

I've been complaining a lot lately which is something that's out of my character. I dunno, I guess I saw a lot of things occurring in my life that's worth complaining about. Each day I wake up feeling like I've been rolled over by a tractor. I often get headaches too and I began to dread mornings which is sad because morning is my favorite part of the day. I also noticed that since I started complaining a lot, annoying things began to multiply and I often had to restrain myself from crying.

This has got to stop.

Nobody can steal my sunshine - not even myself.

I need to remember all the blessings I've received no matter how small and be grateful each day.

Instead of complaining, I will be thankful for the other things in my life that is in order.

I'm in a messed up situation right now but I will turn things around- with God's help.

Right at this moment, I will be thankful.