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A Realization Along the Road

Inside an ordinary bus from Sagada to Baguio, my seatmate was a dude traveling with friends. He looked like one of those photography enthusiasts clad in dark apparel with a DSLR slung over his shoulders.
Upon reaching the area in Benguet that had breathtaking, curse-inducing views, I noticed my seatmate practically rocking from his seat. I knew that gesture. He was dying to take pictures but couldn’t because I had the seat next to the window. None of the passengers had opened theirs because of the chilly air.
I waited for him to ask if he could trade places with me so he could take photos but I sensed that he was shy. I wasn’t planning on initiating a talk but when I felt he was close to convulsing, I finally asked him. He said if I could just open the window, he could just take pictures from his seat. When I opened it, cold air burst inside the bus and I immediately shivered. 

The views of the mountain were amazing and I couldn’t resist taking shots for my personal collection. He and I…

First 21K for 2011 – Thanks to Nathan Sports Philippines!

One of the main reasons I run is because I love to eat. For me, the most enjoyable time to devour food is after a physical activity - when I’m all famished and sweaty. The bloated feeling is non-existent. Eating becomes a reward rather than a guilty pleasure.

Runs for almost every cause have sprouted and goes on the entire year but I have become quite selective in deciding which ones to join as I’m not that into urban runs. However, I still participate from time to time for the sake of a decent exercise, when the race organizer is reputable and most especially when the race kit is free!

So when Nathan Sports Philippines sponsored a contest with race kits for the  Run United 1 2011 as prizes, I immediately sprung on the opportunity and submitted an entry. It was about our most challenging run, which was not a dilemma to write because I already have a run in mind. My entry here.

March 6 - Race Day!

A few minutes before gun start, I lined up excitedly among hundreds of runners at the 21 K…