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Lovin McKinley Hill

In preparation for this thing I'm getting myself into next month, I am compelled to train more frequently. So last Friday, I deviated from my usual morning routine to run. Instead of waking up, bathing and dressing for work, I walked out of the house in my jersey and shorts without washing up. It was only a little past 4:30 am when I arrived at the office. I left my stuff and went outside to run. I felt thrilled at the idea because I've never ran this early using the route I had in mind.
I crossed an overpass and headed over to a road I don't remember seeing before. Since I was alone, I made a conscious effort to stay near the lighted areas where I can see security personnel. I avoided getting close to parked vehicles, dark construction areas and kept my guard up whenever I ran into other people. I was on "Don't strike me or I'll strike back harder" mode. Haha!
The cold fresh air instantly picked up my mood and I ran in an easy pace. Since not a lot of pe…

The North Face CamSur

Why????!!! With my brain devoid of food  because I miscalculated my energy gel intake, I have forgotten the reason why I joined a 22 KM Trail run in Camarines Sur. I dragged myself and tried very hard to ignore the desire to sit down, relax and sleep on the trail until someone brings me a heaping glass of halo-halo and a bucket meal.
It was my 3rd hour on the trail and I felt hot, famished and craved for a cold bath. I was still approximately 14 Kilometers away from the finish line according to the race marshall I asked. Given my condition, I estimated another 2 gruelling hours of run and walk until I make it to the finish line.

A month ago, it seemed like a super fun idea to join this race organized byThe North Face. It’s a local trail running event held every year and is popular for its tough course.
It was my 3rd time to join an event from this particular organizer and I’ve anticipated challenging terrains and extremely hot weather. Despite being mentally prepared for what’s in s…