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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovin McKinley Hill

In preparation for this thing I'm getting myself into next month, I am compelled to train more frequently. So last Friday, I deviated from my usual morning routine to run. Instead of waking up, bathing and dressing for work, I walked out of the house in my jersey and shorts without washing up. It was only a little past 4:30 am when I arrived at the office. I left my stuff and went outside to run. I felt thrilled at the idea because I've never ran this early using the route I had in mind.

I crossed an overpass and headed over to a road I don't remember seeing before. Since I was alone, I made a conscious effort to stay near the lighted areas where I can see security personnel. I avoided getting close to parked vehicles, dark construction areas and kept my guard up whenever I ran into other people. I was on "Don't strike me or I'll strike back harder" mode. Haha!

The cold fresh air instantly picked up my mood and I ran in an easy pace. Since not a lot of people were around, it was quiet and I found myself enjoying this solitary exercise. After a few minutes, I was already thinking of breakfast. Nah, that was a lie. I'd been thinking of food ever since I woke up. I was more concerned of what I'll eat after rather than running alone in the dark.

The route I devised suited me. I avoided food establishments which were major distractions. I was able to run on steep cemented roads and was able to reach until the C5 area. The route ended at 7 Eleven, where I got some dimsum, rice, banana and instant coffee (I've grown fond of this coffee from Malaysia which I don't see in groceries - forgot the name though). Wohooo, power breakfast!

I was able to fully utilize the hot shower at work so I was back at my desk - fresh and clean before anyone noticed. :P I think this is one routine I can squeeze into my schedule.

McKinley Hill is a township project by Megaworld Corporation (same group that brought us Eastwood City). It is a 50 hectare property surrounded by offices, restaurants, international schools and embassies (British, Qatar and Korean Embassy) and is a great place to run and eat! :)

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