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Whoa, What a Climb!

When I'm not able to explore the outdoors, I read blogs and watch hiking adventures on You Tube. Last night, I missed the mountains, again! (Even if I just hiked last weekend, boohoo). While surfing, I chanced on a video of Robin Esrock of The Modern Gonzo. Robin is an adventurer, travel writer and host of Word Travels along with Julia Dimon. You might have caught previous episodes in one of the cable channels. I forgot which one exactly - it's either Discovery Channel or Nat Geo. They're the travel writers whose adventures are shown on t.v.. They actually shot some episodes here in Palawan. Now, that's a great job!
The video below shows Robin hiking Mt. Huashan in Huayin City, China. It's considered a sacred mountain but I am not surprised. With that kind of trail, you will surely go rattle on your knees and utter your most fervent prayers. 
Check it out! I've never seen anything like it. At first, I thought it was fake but I did a little research and se…


After a dreadfully long work week, I will be off to the mountains tomorrow! Yihaaa! I've been looking forward to go hiking because I've been stressed lately.  I need to be in the mountains!
Me and some friends are doing the Makiling Day Hike Traverse again,  (more commonly referred to as MakTrav by mountaineers). We'll start our ascent from Sto. Tomas Batangas and get down at UPLB. It's going to entail a whole day of hiking but I don't mind! I'm just happy to go outside again. The MakTrav trail has tons of beautiful trees, interesting species and tons of ravines.  I really hope I remember the trail and don't get us lost. Hihi.
I've finished packing - my least favorite activity when going away, but it had to be done.  (I think I've said that quite a number of times in the past already, haha!). While I was putting everything I need in a tiny backpack, I am again reminded of how hard I worked to be able to gather all the hiking essentials. Trust me, it t…

Tandem Paragliding in the Philippines : Carmona Fly Site

Good morning! I'll be off in a couple of minutes for a family thing but before that, I'm sharing a video I took while I was up in the air at the Carmona fly site for a tandem paragliding flight - my first one! It was amazing! The feeling is pretty much similar to  riding a plane with no floor and walls. Pilot is Buko Raymundo of AirSports Adventures  Philippines. 
Paragliding is a sport that is just about to take off here in the Philippines.  As of last January, there's only an intimate number of them and I think I've met them all. Hihi! They're  a fun and relaxed bunch and if you want to get to know them, join theirYahoo Group - Skysports PH
Flying is dependent on wind speed and weather conditions so there are times when the  activity needs to be cancelled for safety purposes. To fly  a paraglider, you're going to need to take a course (usually in Bali) and get a license.  If you want to get a feel of it before you invest on gears, do a tandem flight first. Bu…

Batanes Turmeric Rice - Love at Second Sight

My so-called "one-pack ab" is a testament to one of my many passions in life - a steaming bowl of  white rice! Though I have lessened my intake in my quest to losing those extra pounds,  I have decided, as firmly as a priest's vow of celibacy, that it will never  ever get taken out of my meals,  well at least not for breakfast. :P
Such was my appreciation for white rice that I sneered at the thought of turmeric rice, a famous specialty in Batanes. I read about it somewhere while doing research prior to our trip - my first ever trip to this dream destination of mine! I've never encountered such dish and  neither its yellow color, which reminded me of ginger,  nor the name - turmeric, sounded appealing. 
It was lunch time. Me and a friend had just finished touring Sabtang along with several amiable members of the Camera Club of the Philippines. We had just met them at the port that morning and since we were stingy travelers, we  joined their group and split the costs on …

Mt. Maculot Day Hike Traverse

I've been wanting to do a traverse in Maculot, ascending from the grotto to the summit, and finally to Rockies. I am so happy that I was able to do it! My adventure buddy for the day is my friend Ivan and this is his first climb! Yay, congrats!

We started hiking at 9:00 AM. I didn't know the way from Grotto to summit and the only information I have are from the net but thank God we were able get directions from the friendly locals and met other climbers so we followed them.

As it had been raining, the terrain was very muddy and slippery. There was also this ascent  portion of the climb which scared me a lot because we had to walk over boulders and cling to a rope. It was high and triggered my acrophobia. I am also afraid of boulders because of a rock climbing accident 2 years ago where I incurred 7 stitches on my left leg (and now I have a keloid as souvenir, haha). I had to rest for a minute to get my "balls" back to continue the rest of the climb. Hahaha!

We eventual…