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Gaga Over MassKara

When choosing my next destination, I avoid festivals because it's harder to get an accommodation and the streets become too crowded. Though I've been hearing about the MassKara festival of Bacolod from friends for quite some time, I've always listened passively (buking! :P), dismissing the idea of booking a flight just to watch people dancing on the streets.
This changed when I saw some clips of the MassKara festival on You Tube. The colors, the lively dancing, the beat of the music - they were amazing! As someone who moves a lot, I felt drawn to this celebration. Everything was vibrant and the energy I see from the movements and faces of the dancers were infectious! Plus - it's held in a place referred to as the City of Smiles which sounds even more attractive to curious, giggly backpackers such as myself.
The roots of the MassKara Festival began in 1980, a year before I was born. Through the collaboration of local artists, civic groups and LGU's, a celebration was…

Cheap Sunday Thrill

On days when the pockets are low on cash, my refuge are places in nearby cities that offer clean air, refreshing views and comfort food. 

Such destination is the UP Diliman campus in Quezon City. One of the Philippines'  state universities is open to the public and Sunday is when some of the roads are closed to give way to joggers, runners & bikers.

I was there last weekend with a friend, supposedly for a training run.  Both of us were not able to exercise much during the work week and needed to sweat it off,  but we ended up walking around for about two hours -  mostly chatting, laughing and uhm devouring the fine offerings at the various  food stalls conveniently placed at the side of the road. I had taho (yum, haven't eaten that for quite some time!) and  steamed corn (yummm, I missed that!).

After about 3 or 4 rounds down the usual running route, my friend brought me to what she referred to as the stall with the "Best Siomai in UP Diliman". As a foodie who is …