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Me-Time in Baguio

With muddied shoes and clothes drenched in a mixture of soil, sweat and rain, I hailed the first van that passed across the road back to Baguio City. I had just gone down from Mt. Timbac in Atok, Benguet where I enjoyed a solitary hike. (Post here)
Embarrassment crept through me as the door of the van closed. After 5 hours of hiking, I knew I smelled unpleasant. On the first chance I had, I poured on some  baby powder and sprayed alcohol all over myself to mask my appalling scent somehow.  :P

Though I was uncomfortable, the views around the Halsema Highway was  just as beautiful as the last time I saw it. In less than two hours, we reached La Trinidad where there was heavy traffic approaching the city proper. I didn't have any concrete plans. I just wanted to get out of my stinky clothes.  I considered going home that evening but at the last minute, I decided to stay one more day to enjoy the city.
Walking around in search of a cheap  accommodation,  brought me back to Hotel 45. It&…

A Day Hike at Mt. Timbac

At approximately 2,717 MASL, Mt. Timbac is dubbed as the 3rdhighest point in Luzon, next to Mt. Pulag and Tabayoc. It’s neither the height nor the thrill of summiting a towering peak that drew me on a solo adventure but the allure of  great views and the cold weather.  Well, I haven't climbed in weeks so any sight of greenery would have made me a happy hiker! :P
From Baguio,  I travelled 2.5 hours to KM. 55 in Atok, Benguet. According to Pinoy Mountaineer, it's the easier and shorter jump-off . The other one is at KM. 54 where you'll see lesser houses. The conductor insisted on dropping me off at KM. 55 and I agreed. I trust that he knows the place more.
I started hiking at 11:00 AM.  It was foggy and slightly drizzling as I ascended the concrete steps.  Air was blowing so  I hiked up the zipper of my jacket up to my chin. Brrr. The road was deserted. I was smiling  like a lil girl at the site of trees and mountainsides (as always!)  At the fork, I chose the high road to the…

A Travel Show : Where's Tony Season 2 Launch Party!

If you’re taking a break from gallivanting  and happen to be in town on a Monday night and facing the tube, I encourage you to watch Where’s Tony. It’s a weekly Filipino travel show hosted by the ultra charming Tonytoni, who is even more popular as a DJ from Magic 89.9.  Does Boys Night Out ring a bell to you? Yes, he’s that Tony! 
The show promises to entertain you with Tony’s wacky and unique adventures and  provide information on what to see, do, eat and more for each featured destination. It’s shown on Studio 23 every Monday at 11:30 PM. 
Last month (blushing for the delayed post, sorry John!) I received an email from John Manat, associate producer for Red Pill Media Inc. It was an invite for its Season 2 launch party at the Amber Lounge, The Fort.   Being the party animal that I am (and I say that with sarcasm), I arrived early, already worn out from work and quite sleepy. I noticed the party hardly even began. Of  course, “cool parties” don’t normally start until 12am or so. Gosh,…

Travel and Run in Tagaytay Highlands with Nathan Sports!


The fashionably exclusive Tagaytay Highlands country club will open its door to participants and their supporters for the upcoming Nathan Ridge Run on November 20 (that's a Sunday, by the way).  It's a running event organized by Nathan Sports Philippines that steers away from the usual city fun run. It promises - "A breathtaking view of nature overlooking the lush greeneries of Tagaytay, an uphill road course through rolling hills, and never-before-opened running areas...".
NathanSports is a US-brand known as a "world leader in innovative hydration and reflective gear, and multisport accessories." That's straight off the event brief but based from feedback from other runners, basically everyone I spoke with, had nice things to say about the brand and I've actually met some die-hard Nathan fans! Hihi. I can relate, I am that way with Deuter. :P

Being a green event, plastic cups will not be provided during the race but suc…