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Event : Romi Garduce's Alpine Adventures

Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.), Southeast Asia's biggest outdoor superstore brings you...

"Learn from the Philippines' Seven Summits Climber, Romi Garduce as he will guide you on how to start your own alpine mountaineering adventure!" (R.O.X.)

Registration starts August 31, 2012 at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street only. For those wants to purchase a ticket but cannot go to R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street,  please email your reservation details to with the following details: Number of Slots: Names of participants: Address: Mobile Number: Email Address:
Registration Fee: PHP 250.00 (inclusions: light snacks, raffle, and exclusive access to the Sale)
R.O.X. BHS Store Hours :  Sun-Thu : 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM Fri-Sat : 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM Facebook  - R.O.X. Philippines

Event Details :
7:00 PM, September 27, 2012 - Thursday 
R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Click here to find out how to get to R.O.X. : Metro Manila Directions

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Watch this documenta…

Travel Essentials for Food Adventures

An adventure exhilarates your heart's glorious thumping and at times makes your pores cry buckets of sweat . Such necessary exploits that add meaning to life doesn't always involve climbing a mountain, diving underwater or rappelling down the depths of the earth. It can be about finding and devouring edible treats. While a great food can be found a few blocks away, you should not limit yourself to what's accessible. Explore the food in other places. The world is abundant of it! 
I'm sharing with you a list of essentials when I go wandering in for the sole purpose of satisfying my belly's endless craving. 
When you finish the list, feel free to share yours! :) 
1. Sling bag - I found this useful green bag while traveling in Butuan which can fit practically everything I need to go around . Its design frees both hands which allows me to take a photo and eat a stick of something on my other hand. It's also ideal for sampling street food so I won't have to wo…

Food Quest : Kaffeeklatsch, Baguio City

I love cafes!

More than the aroma of brewing coffee beans, it's  the cozy atmosphere and  fascinating interiors that I look forward to when visiting one.
Fortunately, finding a great cafe in the Philippines is just a Google away and in some cases, from the angelic advice of a fellow outdoor lover and blogger.
In a recent hiking trip to Mt. Pulag, our group decided to relax and grab some snacks in Baguio City before heading back to Manila.
One of my companions,  Erick Dantoc  of Road Worthy Man, suggested we check out Kaffeeklatsch.
"Cafe clutch?!" was how I repeated it and  images of car clutches started swirling in my head.  My ignorance was in full swing that day. Who names a cafe as such?

We hailed a cab from the Victory Liner terminal, and in less than 20 minutes, we reached Caltex at the corner of City Camp Road. Erick couldn't remember the exact location so we walked a few blocks from the gas station to the cafe which we found on the left side of the road.
A woode…

Food Quest : Qizia Cafe, Marikina

After getting drenched under the rain while attempting a decent exercise around the UP Diliman Campus, two friends and I went on a feeding frenzy. Dinner was at Flaming Wings then drinks at Serenitea in Katipunan. By the time it closed, we were still clamoring for a place to continue our laughing session.  
At the advice of a colleague who we disturbed from her beauty sleep, (thanks Shobe!), we decided to check out Qizia Cafe. 
Located   inconspicuously at the back of SDS Medical Center and a few blocks from the doors of the emergency room, Qizia Cafe offers affordable pastas, pizzas, rice meals, desserts, coffee, teas and more. 
Diners can choose to take the tables outside or relish their stay inside an enclosed space with a decent air conditioning system. 

For drinks, they serve tea, coffee, smoothies  and soda. Prices start at 55 Pesos for a generous cup of coffee while other drinks cost no more than 100 Pesos each.  To order, you need to go to the cashier and pay in advance. Food will…

The John that Made my Heart Sing

It was our last day in Tadian, a municipality in Mountain Province, located 6 hours away by bus from Baguio City. After shopping for souvenirs and tasting local treats at the Agro-Industrial fair, my friend and I bid goodbyes to our host, the amiable tourism officer Ms. Lynber Miclat. She had graciously took us in her home for the Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian Festival. It's a thanksgiving celebration held in March where the barangays of Tadian converge and perform dances and hold various activities.  
We still had a couple of hours to burn before the 12 noon bus ride back to Baguio so we decided to walk around town. Though the temperature around Tadian is relatively cold, the sun was high, I was mildly sweating and feeling tired from wandering around. We found ourselves craving for some snacks before the long commute. 
From across the public market, we chanced on Family Bakeshop & Cafe. It's a small bakeshop with 2-3 tables. Here you can order brewed coffee, pancit a…

Exhilarating Rides to Tinglayan

On the way to Tinglayan, a municipality in Kalinga, the public jeep stopped at a barangay to unload some supplies. At this point, we were less than 20 minutes from the town proper where I would be staying for my much clamored solo R&R and I was left with two other female passengers. I noticed both of them were feeling impatient from the stop-over and started conversing with the driver. 
After a few minutes, one of them spoke to me. 
"Shenasajahl jkwkAshkak saklasf ?" 
And all three turned to me expecting a response. 
Still tired from the 12 hour bus ride from Manila and the 2.5 hour jeepney ride, my mind was shuffling in between reality and neverland. I stared back with a blank look on my face, unable to decipher what was said. 
One of the quick-thinking passengers, a slender teen translated in Filipino. "May bagahe ka ba?" (Do you have any big luggages?). I shook my head and told them I only had a backpack. 
"Halika na. Doon na tayo sumabay." (Let’s g…

Tinglayan Travel Guide (Kalinga)

Tinglayan is a scenic municipality of the province of Kalinga, located 3 hours away from its capital, Tabuk. Its community is surrounded by lush mountains with the Chico River flowing on one side. It is a destination for those who love nature, hiking and immersing into other cultures.

Before you visit Kalinga, it is highly recommended to read this nicely written and informative article from Kayumanggi Trails for an Outsider’s Guide to Kalinga Sensibilities.

How to Get to Kalinga : 
From Manila, ride a Tabuk-bound bus from Victory Liner Kamias. Fare is 569 Pesos as of August 2012 (One-way, aircon).
Website :
There are about three tips departing in the evening for Tabuk. Call the terminal to confirm prior to your trip. Tickets can also be purchased in advance.
Travel Time : 12 hours

 As an alternate, you can also ride a bus to Tugeugarao (599 Pesos), also at the same terminal as this has more trips. From Tuguegarao, Tabuk is 1.5 hours away by public van which ar…