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An Overdose of Sunshine at Mt. Marami

It was a little past 9:00 AM when we started our hike towards the base of Mt. Marami in Magallanes, Cavite. The soil was so dry that specks of dust flew as our feet hit the ground. The  heat was just  beginning to intensify, but still manageable with our hats and other protective gears on. 
The clear and dry weather revealed captivating blue skies, a nice contrast to the massive greenery  that surrounded us. There was just a faint mountain breeze and in less than 30 minutes of trekking, we were all heavily perspiring.  Our 16 year old guide however, appeared to be effortlessly   moving his feet in quick playful strides.

Mt. Marami is 405 MASL tall, significantly smaller than the mountains around it like Pico de Loro, which is at 664 MASL, but its long exposed trail, which starts at Barangay Ramirez, can either be very dusty or very muddy, depending on the season which makes it a challenging day hike.  
We took the Talahib Trail where the  terrain is gradually ascending, but still quite l…

Hairy Popper and the Backpackers

Five years ago, my need to interact flirtatiously with the male species has not fully manifested itself.  It was stifled by a greater need  to explore the provinces around the Philippines which required a lot of planning, energy and financial resources. 
As news spread about the presence of whale sharks in a remote town of Donsol in Sorsogon, a female friend and I traveled 14 hours from Manila for a chance to swim alongside the gentle giants of the sea.  
After a full day in the water, we came back to our room at the resort with wrinkled skin and no elated encounters.  The sky was too cloudy and the whale sharks failed to surface close enough for us to see.  
Just when we had concluded that we were unlucky that day, a heavily tanned stranger, with a presence as daunting as the whale sharks with his 5'10 frame, appeared a few steps from our room. We were both surprised as it seemed like he just popped out from the bushes. Had it not been for his amiable approach and boy next-door look…