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Boracay Adventure : Cliff Diving (or not) at Ariel's Point

Summoning every ounce of inner peace, I courageously stood at the edge of a sturdy wooden plank preparing to jump off an 8 meter cliff. The view from where I stood was gorgeous.  To my left was the lush foliage of the islands of Antique, and below me, the vast, dark blue waters  of  Sulu sea beckoned.  

The  beautiful views however, couldn't stop the nerves that viciously jolted my system.  I glanced below, a guide just gave me the go signal to jump with his thumbs up. Logic fought with against my fun and foolish side.  What am I doing? 

Known as Ariel's Point, the   popular cliff diving spot can be reached by a 30-45 minute boat ride from station 1 in  Boracay island.  My friend and I booked a cliff diving package  at the Boracay Beach Club office the day we arrived and paid 1,600 Pesos each. The fee for the half day adventure covered  entrance fees, unlimited drinks, snacks, barbecue buffet, life vest, guides  and the  round trip boat ride to Buruanga.  

I saw my friend poising…

Lazada : Convenient Shopping Haven for People on the Go

As most of my free time’s filled with food and hiking trips, the willpower to hop to the nearest shopping mall for what I need often eludes me.  

I’ve had great experience buying from other online sites so I find myself visiting a couple of those every now and then for convenience sake.  But I don’t just buy from any site, I only purchase from those  with awesome referrals from people I trust. One of those, which a male colleague has developed a fanatical appreciation on is Lazada, a Philippine online shopping mall.  A busy working dad turned energetic shopper, now that's something! 

I can see why he's so amused with it. Their site doesn’t require a lot of brain cells to navigate. Most of the information you require can be found on the upper portion and several other FAQ’s on the lower left part of the home page.  Apart from the distracting BDO Installment scheme on the right side, the site is clean and pretty straightforward. 
On the left portion, you will find 14 product catego…

Free Airfare Promo from the New Tiger Airways Philippines!

I'm helping a sassy friend spread some exciting news that will ignite the wanderer in you! :) 

To those who have been avidly booking their flights online, you might have noticed that the Sea Air website, has a note on the left part of the screen that asks you to go to the Tiger Airways website for bookings on May 20 onward, even their Facebook page  now has the logo Tiger Airways all over it. While, I don't have insider information on what transpired between these two carriers, what I can share with you is the fun stuff. :) 
Known as the leading and most trusted value-for-money carrier in Southeast Asia, Tiger Airways Philippines will make its formal debut in the skies beginning July 10. 
And what better way to kick off  this news with a free airfare promo?! 
Filipino flyers get a chance to fly to their favorite destinations (local or international) for FREE as part of the launching of Tiger Airways Philippines.  
“We at Tiger Airways Philippines embrace the simple…

Mt. Hibok-Hibok Day Hike Traverse

I was high with excitement as we began our hike to the summit of Mt. Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano  in the province of Camiguin in Northern Mindanao. It is one of the island's 7 volcanoes  and the most popular, frequented by both local and foreign hikers.  It's trails are known to be steep and thick with vegetation, a challenging yet rewarding hike with views of nearby islands and provinces. 

Accompanied by friends Ed of Eazy Traveler, Sharon (a doctor who was hiking a mountain for the first time in her life!), artists Rosa and Tupe, a German guy and our funny guide Ronald, we entered the mountain at 5:30 AM via the trail in Barangay Yumbing. It is the longer but more forgiving trail in terms of ascents. We started on an concrete, uphill road providing us a great warm-up.

Being a tree lover, vibrant shades of green kept my eyes glued towards the trees. Occasionally, we would see interesting flowers along the way. After 4.5 hours of breathing heavily on the sharp ascents, we re…

Post Run Dispatch : Ayala Land's Explorac Trail Run

Sun was just beginning to appear from the sky as the gun went off for the 11KM division. As my friends and I stood in the middle, squeezed in the midst of an enormous crowd, we had a very relaxing start and just walked the first few feet away from the starting line.  
I was feeling lethargic and wasn't in the mood to sweat the morning off. None of us managed to get a decent sleep as we rushed for the media shuttle that departed at 1:30 AM from Manila and got to Pampanga in about two hours. 

When I finally felt like running, I didn't stop until I got to kilometer 5. The scenery got so interesting, I had to stop for souvenir shots and lavish the view of mountains and enormous trees along the way.
Unlike the first kilometers which was through a flat and sandy trail, the farther part of the route led us under the SCTEX bridge, an Aeta community,  small waterfalls and several sections where we had to dip our shoes in mud and water. 

With the nice combination of flat and hilly terrain …