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100-Peso Adventure : Makati Park & Garden & Pasig River

I woke up that morning broke, but eager to explore.

With some running gear on, I walked out of the house with a destination in mind -  a park which caught my attention on my home the other day. Checking good, old reliable Google map I took mental notes on how to get there on foot and threw away all worries that I’d get lost. (I’m quite bad with city directions, you know :P)  
Roughly 4 kilometers away from home, after an hour of dodging cars and wandering around like an excited field tripper, I arrived at the main gate of Makati Park & Garden. Opened in April 2000, this serene, well-manicured escape within the city was a project of former mayor Jejomar Binay. There are no entrance or parking fees to be paid. The guards, were quite welcoming and got curious when I took out my camera to take photos. It was one of the few things that fit inside my teeny tiny waist pack from Nathan Sports. (Okay, I just need to talk about it a little bit because this is a good brand.  My waist pack’s a …

Bacolod Series : Reasons to Visit the City of Smiles

Mt. Kanlaon, one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the Philippines and a dream outdoor destination of mine, can be found in Negros Island.  If coming from Manila, the most common entry point is via Bacolod City in the province of Negros Occidental where Bacolod-Silay International Airport is.

Unfortunately, the past two attempts to get to the summit were spoiled by either bad weather or a personal event. The sunny side of these unsuccessful attempts is that it has given me the time to scour the city and eventually fall in love with it. 
Below’s a rundown on why you should visit the City of Smiles, nicknamed as such for its friendly populace:

1. Food!!!

Fellow foodies, this can very well be the sole reason to hop on a plane to Bacolod.  Cafes serving affordable, moist, yummy cakes, strong cups of coffee and good tea such as Felicia’s (their chocolate cake’s a bestseller!) and Calea are a MUST visit.  For satisfying full meals go to Aboy’s, Sharyn’s Cansi House, 21 and Mushu. Chicken lover…