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Hiking : Mt. Pulag in a Day (Akiki-Ambangeg Trail)

My third visit to Mt. Pulag, Luzon's highest peak and one of the most popular mountain trails in the country had an exciting twist, a day hike traverse!  :)  Our route to its summit was through  Akiki-Ambangeg, a 16 Kilometer trail that is estimated to take around 8 hours on a steady pace, short breaks and with smaller packs. Akiki is known to be notoriously steep while Ambangeg trail with its rolling terrain, is commonly taken by hikers who want to take an easier approach to its summit.

Those who are keen on witnessing the  sea clouds during sunrise may opt to spend two nights in the mountains, however, that will entail more planning and a bigger pack on your back. Personally, I prefer extended day hikes (hikes that take more than 5 hours). I find it more enjoyable because you can focus on the scenery without lugging a heavy pack on your back and have more time for side trips once you get down.  
For this adventure, I was happily reunited with hiker friends, Gid of Pinoy Mountainee…

Hiking : Mt. Makiling (UPLB Trail)

After almost 4 weeks of staying indoors due to chicken pox, I returned to one of my favorite mountains, Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna. Although the trail is known to have lots of leeches (or limatiks as we locals call it), its rainforest is so beautiful - countless enormous trees with branches shrouding the sky, big ferns along the trail, endemic flowers at Peak 2, truly a plant lover's happy place. :) 
I knew I wouldn't be as strong as I was before getting sick since I hardly moved in weeks but it was a familiar trail (and one that I sorely missed!) with a 16 KM long course, out and back that takes 4-5 hours to complete. I figured I'd be okay if I took it easy.  We started hiking at 12:45 noon. It rained on the 1st hour  and the limatiks relentlessly sprung towards almost every part of my body, which I fought off by spraying alcohol. 

We weren't even halfway when I started feeling breathless and dizzy. I certainly did not expect my endurance to be that bad  because I…