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Mt. Malipunyo-Manabu Day Hike

One of my favorite trails is the long route from Mt. Malipunyo to  Manabu Peak. Both mountains are in Batangas and frequented by local hikers on weekends. If hiked on separate days, Mt. Malipunyo takes about 4 hours to reach the summit (IT here) while getting to Manabu's summit (IT here) takes approximately 2 hours. 

The traverse  on the other hand, is done by those who are up for a little challenge. On the average, it takes 10-12 hours to complete. For people like me who enjoys lengthy quiet hikes, it's a half day well spent. :)

The trail features several highlights : reaching the summit of Mt. Malipunyo, stop-over at Biak na Bundok's beautiful view deck, getting to Manabu Peak and lastly, a visit to Tata Tino, an old man living in a hut near the summit who offers free Alamid coffee to hikers.

The trail passes through a labyrinth of tall trees and plants.  It can get very slippery especially after rain and is steep on some parts. Lipa, a plant that cause itching on contact i…

Hiking Log : Mt. Lubog, Rizal

Last week, I joined friends for a quick hike in Rodriguez, Rizal. With the exception of Koi Grey, who had explored the mountain a few years earlier, it was everyone's first time to this fairly new outdoor destination, Mt. Lubog. The origin of its name is unconfirmed but there's a similar word in Tagalog which means submerged, an irony for a mountain that's 955+ MASL high.  
From Manila, we traveled in a  hired van and picked up some members of the group along the way. It was past 9:00 AM when we finally arrived in Barangay San Rafael in Rodriguez where we  had to transfer to motorbikes. The barangay hall is beside the public market where you can buy some food and water. A few blocks away is a bakery and just across the street is an eatery where some of us grabbed breakfast.

After getting our stuff from the van, 11 of us split into three tricycles with very intriguing frames. Its front seat was made of stripped rubber while the seat at the back was just a wooden plank. There …