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Barefoot Runner, Eddie Vega

It's Monday and for a lot of us in the workforce, it's the start of another hectic week so I'd like to help ease the stress and share with you some inspiring news. :) 

Western Union has launched, "Heroes for Better", an advocacy campaign that recognizes Filipinos around the world who have made an enormous positive impact in the lives of others in their own little way.
One of them is Eddie Vega, also known as the "Barefoot Bandito". He has completed a full marathon in all 50 states in the US and a Guiness World Record Holder for the Most Barefoot Marathons Run in One Year. His purpose - to help children who cannot afford shoes.

To date, he has ran 129 marathons barefoot that helped raised funds for over 15,000 school children by partnering with social enterprise, Soles4Souls

To know more about his story, please watch the video below (this gave me goosebumps!). If this post has inspired you, please feel free to share his story. :) 

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Where to Stay in Cabanatuan : Microtel by Wyndham

After a day of touring Tarlac (post here), our group traveled two hours farther north to the city of Cabanatuan, the Philippines' Tricycle capital with over 30,000 registered 3-wheeled vehicles.  I was joined by Argie from Philippine Star, Paolo from Hospitality News Philippines and Dandi, our host, Microtel's Marketing Communications manager. 

Sweltering heat, the sun’s last hurrah for summer welcomed us when we arrived in Microtel, our base for a half-day travel around the city's tourist spots. There was some wind but with the overbearing heat, I won't be surprise if the temperature was at 40 C.
Our visit was very timely. Microtel Cabanatuan was recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence (2015) by travel site, Trip Advisor. Other branches that received the same distinction are Tarlac and Baguio; the latter, consistently awarded since 2011. :)  As soon as we got in, I was immediately drawn to the lobby's design. The paintings on the wall, big couches and potted pla…