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Urban Adventure : Where to Go in Quezon City

On  a recent media familiarization tour with Microtel Philippines, I was able to revisit and discover new destinations in Quezon City. I'm sharing with you the places we visited, plus a few more recommendations for you fellow nature lovers and foodies! :) (I know this is not the ultimate list, please do let me know if there are other places worth checking out. ;))

Quezon Memorial Park/Quezon Memorial Circle (Diliman)
Managed by the local government of Quezon city,  it  is dedicated in honor of the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Manuel Quezon. Filled with tall trees, it is a good spot to run, bike or have a picnic. There is also sufficient parking space if bringing your own vehicle.   There are numerous picnic tables while others prefer to sit on the grassy area near its key feature, a  66 meter monument. At night, it lights up with a different combination of colors, making it even more visible from major roads near  the park. 
At the monument's base is a …

Part 3 : Bataan Adventures | Where to Stay in Bataan (Updated 2017)

Looking for a place to stay after hiking and traveling around Bataan? Check out this list of comfortable accommodations around Bataan (Links to Part 1 and 2 of Bataan Adventures are near the bottom of this post).

Located off the main road but still close to the highway, this resort is ideal for families and big groups. Rooms are air conditioned but very simple. The mattresses are firm which I liked but it may be a bit too hard for those who like it fluffy and soft. 

Apart from numerous swimming pools, there are  facilities offering  different activities for visitors. Some of which include KTV cottages, butterfly sanctuary, Tree House, an adventure park where you can do ziplining, wall climbing and rapelling, indoor table tennis, outdoor volleyball, billiards and more. 

Book via Agoda here
La Vista Inland Resort
Rates : Rates start at 2,500 Pesos (good for 2) to 4,000 Pesos (good for 8 persons). Checkherefor room types.
Address : Balanga, Bataan (the r…

Part 1 : Bataan Adventures | Outdoor Adventures & Other Places to Visit in Bataan (Updated 2017)

Up until last year,  I only knew the province of Bataan for its hiking trails.  My "initiation climb" with an outdoor club was actually in Kairukan Falls in Morong, 16 years ago! :) After a collaboration with Osprey Philippines and the provincial tourism of Bataan,  I was introduced to other wonderful places in this province that made me realize how underrated of a destination it is, despite its proximity from Manila. Balanga, its capital can be reached within 2-3 hours depending on traffic or whether taking private or public transportation.
Check out this list of hiking and bike trails,  plus other destinations and  tips on where to go in Bataan!  I also want to share that other than the places itself, I am  also promoting responsible outdoor travel, the core of which is in this old quote, "Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time."   I'm sharing information with high hopes that you'll visit these places and  gain more …