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Team Building venue : Haranah Eco Park (Tanay, Rizal)

Summer's here, a season where a lot of companies and organizations plan getaways for its employees or members. If you're looking for a venue to hold your team building, conference or seminar near Manila that's close to nature, consider Haranah Eco Park.  Located in Tanay, Rizal, this 16.2 hectare family-owned eco park offers its visitors a expansive venue to unwind while enjoying generous views of the Sierra Madre mountain range. 
With its proximity to the mountains, the weather is cool year-round and gets even colder  at night, a nice contrast from the heat in the lowlands.  Getting here takes around 1.5 hours from Quezon City and 2 hours from Manila with moderate traffic.  It passes MARILAQUE (short for Marikina, Rizal, Laguna, Quezon) highway,  a well-paved road offering scenic mountain views and rocky peaks, a reason why it's  frequented by bikers.  Haranah Eco Park offers the perfect venue for its visitors to interact with each other without the modern day distraction…

Booking a Nice & Budget-Friendly Hotel via the Traveloka App

Most of my travels are short and involve a mountain hike so I’m often dirty and tired (but still all smiles!) at the end of the day.  After an adventure, all I want is to be able to change my clothes and rest somewhere nice, so if I’m spending a night or two away from home, I always, always make it a point to book my accommodation in advance so I could get comfortable rooms at better deals and spend what I saved up on food or perhaps for another trip (but it will be most likely on food. :P). Traveloka is a fairly new booking site where you can snag cheap flights and hotel bookings. Making it even more easier and convenient for travelers is its app which I recently downloaded. Its clean, highly-responsive and user-friendly interface is delightful. At its homepage, you can easily navigate your away around whether you’re looking for a flight, hotel or just checking out ongoing promos. 
I've recently used the Traveloka App to book a hotel for my next hiking trip in Pangasinan. To find a…

Review : Supremo 4K Action Camera for the Everyday Adventurer

I'm always out on a hike and for convenience sake, I use my phone to take photos and videos. However, I’m not comfortable bring it out all the time especially when there’s water involved such as river trekking, canyoneering or kayaking. 
Thankfully, Supremo Philippines sent me their latest action camera to try, the Supremo 4K which can take 4K videos and quality photos up to 16MP. When put inside its waterproof casing, you can bring it underwater up to 30 meters, so that's around 98 feet. That's deep enough to enable you to take shots while snorkeling as most spots are close to the reef. 

It came in a nice box and packed with an overwhelming number of accessories which you can use to attach or mount the camera depending on your adventure. 

Here’s a list of what you’ll get along with the Supremo 4K camera :
Supremo wrist remote, Waterproof case + replacement backdoor, Frame, Quick Release buckle, J-hook buckle, 360-degrees rotating swivel arm, 3-way pivot arm + thumb screws, Lo…