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Solo Trip : Dagupan, Pangasinan

I often pass by the province of Pangasinan when traveling for a hike to the Cordilleras but I never got to go around. One day, I went for a visit to have a look!

While researching for my trip, I learned that there's so much to see (and eat!)  from the infamous Hundred Islands in Alaminos, the beautiful beaches of Bolinao and its mountain trails that spending a day is ridiculous, but with my limited time and budget,  I figured, this solo trip will serve as a kickoff for numerous return trips. :) From Solid North Terminal in Cubao, I traveled by bus to Dagupan city, some 30 minutes  away from Lingayen, the provincial capital.   This being a lazy trip, I boarded the first bus I saw with a signage marked "Lingayen", the bus' last stop. Travel time took 6 hours which I felt could have been shorter if only I rode a bus with a different route (perhaps, one that passed SCTEX or TPLEX - highways in the northern part of the island which skips some towns, shortening the travel ti…