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Overnight in Maguindanao (Part 1)

After hiking Mt. Matutum (read post here), I continued my solo adventure to Cotabato city to visit the new friends I met during a media trip to Tawi-Tawi.  From GenSan (General Santos city), that's another 4 hour bus ride, passing several municipalities in the province of Maguindanao, which I was visiting for the first time.
The driver let me off in front of a police outpost in the municipality of Datu Saudi Ampatuan.  On the next road, a few meters away isMasjid Dimaukom or more commonly known as the Pink Mosque for obvious reasons. Under a clear, blue sky, it's color,a strong shade of pink popped out beautifully. 

I found a sitting area across that has an amazing vantage of the mosque  and stayed there for a couple of minutes, admiring it. 
I headed back to the road to hail another vehicle going to Cotabato City. With a lot of vacant seat and wide open windows, I enjoyed the wind and embraced the dust. The view was mostly houses, roadside mosques and a lot of greenery. 
As we pa…

Lightweight Clothing for New Adventures in 2018 | FitGear

Walking in the middle of trees and plants is just so energizing that the aches and occasional bruises that come after a long hike become easy to forget. :P For a person who loves forests, nature is indeed the best spa.
As most of my hikes are in mountain trails around the Philippines, where temperature can go as warm as 35C, I wear the most comfortable and affordable clothing I could buy (won't you rather spend money on food or coffee? :P). The latest addition to my "hiking wardrobe" is from FitGear, an online store providing premium essentials in honest prices. I tried one of their shirts under the Wind series, shirts that are lightweight, compact and quick drying. True to its description, its fabric is very light but it doesn't feel cheap. The stitchings around the shirt are pretty solid. Being lightweight and compact, it's so easy to just stuff it in your bag.  
Airy and comfortable, it's perfect for hiking in the tropics. I feel like I'm not wearing anyt…