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My Very First Futsal Game

Every muscle part of me is in agony. This is what I get for doing a lousy warm up before our futsal tournament yesterday. Adequate stretching is a prime rule before engaging into any physical activity but after playing football for ten years, the enthusiasm for these sort of rules is wearing out and I just wanted to play for fun.

The tournament was hosted by the Sunken Garden United football club - a UP Diliman based team. It consisted of six games of futsal. Futsal is the term for the kind of footbal you play inside a warm well-lighted gym or occassionally in the streets. The floor is cement or wood and we use a different kind of shoe – the one with rubber soles. I got mine from Mizuno. Unlike field soccer, we don’t get all muddy and grass-stained after the game but we play it just as fiercely.

Our team lost but being able to exercise by playing football felt really great. The team had good chemistry even if it was the first time we played together. We were a merge from different fo…