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Trying Out Paintball in Global Gutz

My Team - me in shorts
It's shooting time!

I just got home hours ago from a teambuilding activity in Pasay city. Me and my officemates including our managers played paintball against each other. We were divided into two teams and we battled hard and rough under the hot sun. We started around 9am and finished at about 11am. It was my first time to play paintball and was a bit apprehensive about it at first. Believe it or not, it’s not about getting hurt that freaks me out, but the thought of causing pain to other people. You see, to play paintball, you will be using “guns” loaded with paintball pellets. It actually looks like a mini armalite. It uses air pressure to shoot out the pellets so it’s very painful when it hits you on the flesh. I don’t really feel like hurting any of them since I’m friends with most of them.

I wore shorts for the activity which normally isn’t allowed but they had no choice but to let me play since I’m there already and me and my team organized the whole th…