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Mt. Pinatubo - With my Bare Foot

Our group had already been walking for about an hour. It was tremendously hot and although the trail was pretty much even - similar to walking on a beach with some gravel, everyone, with the exception of some tenured climbers, were just trying to make it one step at a time.  The trail was also getting boring since there isn’t much sight to see except mounds of sand. Mind you, I have high tolerance for heat, but the weight on my back was getting the best of me and I wasn’t wearing a cap to protect myself from the sun (another lesson learned).
Our group decided to rest on this area with flowing steamy water and slight stench of sulphur. I was pretty happy to see something else aside from gray sand so I gamely dipped my whole shoe into the water. I waded my foot in the water for a few minutes then it was time to go. After a few minutes of resuming the trek, I felt the undersole of my shoe  separating from the heel. Then it finally came off after a few steps! I didn’t know what to do, I d…