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Mt. Manabu-Gulugod Baboy Climb and its Unexpected Twists

In my delusional mind, I compulsively devised an itinerary that would involve summiting two small mountains in a single day – Mt. Manabu in Sto. Tomas and Gulugod Baboy in Mabini. I've been to Gulugod Baboy before and thought we could climb it after we summit Manabu.  Being amazing friends of mine - Glee and Ren supported my idea and off our wholesome threesome went to embark on another adventure. 
Our original plan was supposed to go like this :

SAT : Summit  Mt.Manabu (Sto Tomas, Batangas), go down and climb Mt. Gulugod Baboy (Mabini, Batangas) and camp there.
SUN : Descent G. Baboy – Check in at Phil Pan Diving Resort for some snorkeling and be back in Manila by 5:00 PM. It seemed simple enough at that time.

But what actually happened was:
February 16, 2008
6:00 AM – Saturday
Our bus left Manila to our destination - San Pedro in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Bus fare was less than 95 pesos. The ride took about two hours.

8:00 AM
We had breakfast in an eatery near the tricycle station where…

Backpacking in Bicol - Some Travel Info


I just came back from a four-day backpacking trip in Bicol. Me and my friend Julienne were able to explore Sorsogon and a bit of Albay. People in these areas are one of the warmest people I have encountered in my entire life and I hope I can go back some time soon. I particularly liked Bulusan in Sorsogon because of its beautiful, very plush rice fields. People there seem to be smiling all the time – the people in the resort, the children walking to school, even people catching the jeep. It’s like everyone has a reason to smile and everyone carries a beautiful aura. 
We were also able to encounter a lot of interesting people in Amor Farm resort in Donsol where we checked in for two nights for the Whale shark encounter. Majority of the visitors in that area were foreigners. We met an American, Koreans, Chinese, French and Polish people. Actually, we hardly saw any fellow Filipinos except the locals and the crew from the ABS CBN who were filming the whaleshark interaction. Most of …

The Puerto Princessa Experience

Written : Feb 5, '08 3:02 PM
Photos by: Olay Rullan and Fernan Santos
Last February 2007, me and three other friends booked a flight to Puerto Princessa on a whim. It was during one of those one-peso domestic seat sale and we knew that it would only take minutes before the slots were gone for good. With a swipe of a credit card, we immediately purchased tickets online for a September flight. Only problem was, we were pretty much clueless on what Palawan had to offer aside from great beaches. So me and my friend Tina came up decent itinerary as none of us wanted to waste any minute getting lost and asking for directions. The internet and the ever-reliable blog community proved to be efficient resources, and in less than a week, we were able to form a three-day itinerary which contained everything we wanted – tons of places to eat, the beach and relaxation.
So it was last September that we found ourselves on the tarmac of the Puerto Princess airport. Though it was officially the rain…

UP Gig Run - 2008

The UP Gig Run was held  last February 4 at the Diliman  campus and organized by the UP Mountaineers Environmental Committee (UP MENCOM). I love running near the Sunken Garden area because there's tons of trees, food  stalls and pretty people. Hehehe! It was a well-organized affair. The markers can easily be seen and water stations were adequately placed. Congrats UP MENCOM! :)

I placed 60th out of 148 female runners in the 5KM division. Ahehehe..not bad for a novice like me. My time was about 55 minutes something. My companions Mau, Olay and Glee also got very good results. Hope I can do better in my next run.

We ate the famous tapsilog at Rodic's after the race which made it an extra fun affair. I don't actually like tapsilog but if it's from Rodic's, I can eat it any time!