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Mt. Tapulao Itinerary - Day Hike

Day Hike IT for Mt. Tapulao – Palauig , Zambales

June 21, 2008 - Saturday 8:00 PM – Meet up – Victory Liner Caloocan (713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City)9:30 PM – Departure VL Caloocan to Iba (as chance passengers, thanks to Edward’s quick thinking ) – bus fare 337 (332 fare plus 5 pesos insurance)
11:30 PM – Arrival VL Olongapo terminal for a 15 minute break and for them to take in new passengers
11:45 PM – Departure from VL Olongapo
1:20 AM – Arrival – Victory Liner Terminal, Iba
1:20 AM – Restroom break, arrange for tricycle to Dampay Salaza in front of VL Iba terminal – fee is 130 pesos per head during the wee hours
1:35 AM-2:40 AM –Victory Liner Iba to Dampay Salaza Barangay Hall via trike
2:40 AM – Register (30 pesos each and no need to contact the barangay in advance), fix stuff, restroom break. Ate Beth – the staff from the Barangay Hall lives just beside it. If she’s not there, just let the dogs bark at you and she’ll come over. Hehehe. She’s really nice and will  provide…

Huling Hirit Sa Tag-init – My Baler Experience

I was leafing through a Sea Air magazine when I chanced on an article about Baler, a municipality in the province of Aurora. The article and pictures were enough to entice me to pay a visit, a week later - to this place which most people call paradise.
The bus had just made its way out of the Cabanatuan Bus terminal and I fell asleep after a few minutes. It wasn't after an hour or so when I woke up jolting from my seat. It was time for the famous rough ride to Baler where every person looked like they were warming up on the dance floor. At this time the bus is already making its way around Sierra Madre.

Miles and miles of forest and mountains came into view which was such a refreshing sight - goodbye to buildings! After another hour, the bus headed for a 15-minute stopover in the middle of nowhere. There was a small canteen by the side of the road with great views of mountains everywhere. Here, you can use the restroom for free. They also sold barbequed hotdogs – my favorite for jus…