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Mornings at Ultra (Pasig City)

I love spending time in Ultra. It’s quiet, has a nice view and the rubber track is nice. Ultra's new name is PhilSports Complex but people still fondly call it by its former name. It's within the vicinity of Pasig – a few meters away from the Valle Verde Country Club. I often see a lot of athletes, celebrities and normal people like me who are all gearing up for fitness or competition.
I’ve been going there for the past two years although not quite regularly, and last Saturday, while jogging, I noticed several people sitting at the top level of the bleachers - that one across the main entrance, and they seemed so contented just chilling over there. I got curious and after finishing my 10th lap, I decided to climb the bleachers to see what’s up. I didn’t think of going there before since the stairs looked really steep and I’m a bit acrophobic but I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I assumed the view would be great because of its height. I did one step at a time, feeling …

The BMC experience with the First Philippine Everest Team

I had a tiring but fun and informative weekend. Our outdoor group together with other trainees from Miriam college and some other working professionals just finished the lecture part of our Basic Mountaineering and Wilderness Leadershipcourse led by Dr. Rted Esguerra, the physician of the First Philippine Everest Team.We met some of the other members of their team too. We receivedclimbing tips and Everest stories- straight from Janet Belarmino and Noelle Wenceslao, two ofthefemale trio who successfully traversed Mt.Everestlast year. We were also trained to do Basic Life Support and first aid by some members of the American Heart Association, one of which was Peter Negrido. He was assisted by some of the members of the Paranaque Elite Rescue Unit and Val – an Igorot Emergency Medical Technician. We also received a lecture on intro to mountaineeringby Fred Jamili, one of the pioneers of mountaineering in the Philippines. Bubuy Lagunday, also taught us emergency evacuation and some tric…

One Run One Family One La Salle Run - The Experience

Whew..That’s such a long name for a fund raising activity. Me and my friends just finished the 5K run a while ago at The Fort and similar to the other runs I’ve joined, it was fun. In fact, I still feel elated even if I’ve already taken a bath – must be the happy hormones kicking in. I enjoy runs primarily because of three things – it’s great exercise, it has a feel great effect and it gives you a chance to socialize and oh, make that four – it’s such a great reason to eat! What made this run different from the two previous ones I’ve joined is that – this is the first time I ran in a race while raining! It was not mild rain, this particularrain had me wiping my face most of the time. It started when the gun was fired to signal the start of the race and it stopped while I was near the finish line. Talk about excellent timing. By the way, this run was for the benefit of One La Salle endowment fund. My next goal is to join a 10KM, then a real marathon which has a distance of at least 42.…