One Run One Family One La Salle Run - The Experience

Whew..That’s such a long name for a fund raising activity. Me and my friends just finished the 5K run a while ago at The Fort and similar to the other runs I’ve joined, it was fun. In fact, I still feel elated even if I’ve already taken a bath – must be the happy hormones kicking in. I enjoy runs primarily because of three things – it’s great exercise, it has a feel great effect and it gives you a chance to socialize and oh, make that four – it’s such a great reason to eat!

What made this run different from the two previous ones I’ve joined is that – this is the first time I ran in a race while raining! It was not mild rain, this particular rain had me wiping my face most of the time. It started when the gun was fired to signal the start of the race and it stopped while I was near the finish line. Talk about excellent timing.

By the way, this run was for the benefit of One La Salle endowment fund.

My next goal is to join a 10KM, then a real marathon which has a distance of at least 42.195 KM. I have no plans of being a professional runner yet, I just want to be able to cross the finish line.

We capped the race with a meal from Chowking, where we shared more stories and laughter. I met some new people who were also from work and I also saw Parky and JC who ate with us – girls I’ve climbed with in the past. Together with Charwill, they were also part of this running org called Happy Feet and we saw some of their members. Me and my other friends were too shy to mingle with them but I saw some familiar faces like this muscular guy from the UP Mountaineers and the famous blogger Anton of Our Awesome Planet. I really wanted to talk to Anton and tell him that I love his blog but my shy hormones, which seldom manifests itself suddenly kicked in and I just chatted with Glee, Laurence and Addy – people I’m comfy with. Hehehe! Oh well, maybe I’ll ran into him when I travel. It was enough that I met new nice people like Addy and these two other guys.

My Time : I already know I wasn't a top finisher but I'm still waiting for the online results... will post it when it's up. I didn't really see how I faired but it sure felt great to finish.

Here are some of the pictures.

Must have been a thousand or more people who joined the race. The area near the NBC Tent became an ocean of green!

My climbing buddies - also my running buds

Falling in line for the loot bag

Past adventures

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