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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bangkong Kahoy, Quezon Province

Last weekend, I went to Bangkong Kahoy Valley in Dolores, Quezon for a tree planting event. Well, that was the original plan, but due to a communication failure between the local government unit and the PASU (Protected Area Superintendent), we couldn’t proceed with our activity. Our group will definitely go back and fulfill our unfinished business. Temporarily, we handed over our seedlings for safe keeping to the owner of the Bangkong Kahoy Valley resort who also happens to be an environmentalist. Like me, he also believes that commercialism and mother nature can complement each other.

He’s quite a nice fellow and very keen in saving the environment by starting with the local community of Bangkong Kahoy. He organizes youth groups who help educate other people about proper waste disposal.

The resort is very quiet and weather is similar to Baguio's. They have several cottages and from there, you can get a glimpse of Mt. Banahaw. There’s even a trail from his resort to Mt. Banahaw.

When you go to Bangkong Kahoy (and as with any other place), please support the local community by buying something from them. I’m sure they have something you can appreciate.That's something that was also taught to us by our instructors in our basic wilderness training. They believe in supporting local businesses to help improve the way of life of the people in the community you are visiting.

How to get to Bangkong Kahoy Through Public Transportation: (Thanks Anne!)
1. Take any bus line from manila to Lucena (there's Jac liner along EDSA-Kamuning that has trips to Lucena and Jam Liner in EDSA Cubao). Trip takes around 3-4 hours I think. The bus btw is P135.50 if you take the Jam from cubao
2. Alight at San Pablo 7-eleven - this is a popular jump-off to Mt. Cristobal so if you're not familiar with the place, you can just request the conductor to let you off in this area.
3. Take a tricycle going to Dolores jeep terminal station in San Pablo wet market (P10/person).
4. After that take the jeep going to dolores.. alight at dolores church..jeep costs P30/person
5. Then take a tricycle from dolores to 10 utos (the 2 tablets of 10 commandments) That's P150 for 4 persons (max 4 persons). One way special trip is at 150 pesos.

Then hike about 2.5KM to the resort or or you can arrange a P300 hammer ride (1way).

OPTION 2 from San Pablo City
1. Ride the jeep straight to Kinabuhayan upto Sampung Utos. (About 50 pesos/head). Then hike 2.5 KM to the resort.

1. Zipline
2. Basketball court
3. Huge area for teambuilding activities
4. Sari-sari store
You can also coordinate with the staff and arrange a trek to a waterfalls

Bangkong Kahoy Valley Contact Info : +63 (042) 5656957 63 920-947-92-70


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  1. Nice article. Any place here I can take my 3 young kids on their first camping trip? Will they allow us to pitch tents there? oh and if yes, would you know the cost po? SAnti


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