the backpacking plans

Wohoo..I'm about 80% done with my birthday backpacking itinerary. I just needed to clarify some details.It was a challenging one because of the routes. I've been literally dreaming about this trip for two days straight already. In my first dream, I was running late for a flight and couldn't find my pocket money but before I woke up, I found my money and was able to make it on time. In my dream last night, I was riding in a private bus with lots of seats and I had a whole seat to myself near the driver and we stopped by a resort in Bohol. The water was so clear - as clear as the last time I was in Bohol. I forgot how my dream ended but I woke up smiling.

I am really weird - guess which book I started reading again last night?! It's one of my favorite books actually - In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. It's the real life story of Gracia and the other kidnap victims' ordeal under the hands of the Abu Sayyaf. Gracia and her husband Martin were vacationing in Dos Palmas, Palawan in the summer of 2001 went the resort was sieged by the Abu Sayyaf. It's a great book which I've read years ago and I have forgotten most of the details of that story so I'm reading it again. It's informative and entertaining - some parts were actually funny. It's also the only book that made me cry. They still sell it in bookstores here in the Philippines at less than 300 pesos. Better buy it because I'm not lending you mine. hehehehe

Past adventures

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