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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Preps I do Before A Travel

Just want to share these to you. Maybe you can use some of these or maybe you have something you can also share so we can both learn more about traveling. Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your inputs.

Things I consider before choosing a destination (in no particular order):

  • · Sights to see
  • · Food to eat
  • · Peace and order situation in the area
  • · Weather forecast
  • · Geographical information of the place such as capital, municipalities, whichever is relevant
  • · Transportation – how to get there
  • · My budget
  • · Travel time against the time I can spare

Other Things I research on:

  • · Nearest police outpost or barangay hall

Before leaving the house:

  • · I leave a copy of the itinerary to my family which includes possible places I will wander off, contact information of the places I will be staying or possibly stay , contact number of my companion if I have any, contact number of people at work who are not with me
  • · I leave a copy of the itinerary to my colleague and good friend Glee (if she’s not coming with me) with instructions that she has to organize a search and rescue if she doesn’t hear from me within a specific time

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