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Rustic Paco Park

Stepping inside Paco Park is similar to falling into a rabbit hole like what happened to Alice in Wonderland. I can’t believe it’s only a couple of blocks away from the UN Ave. LRT station along Taft Avenue which is always filled with vehicles and people.

The park grounds are filled with different species of flowers and trees. Here, the sound of the city is muffled by its stone walls which would make it a great place for romantic talks or meditation. It was an old cemetery which was converted into a park and has a chapel that can be used for weddings - which is also the main reason why me and my friends were there Saturday afternoon.

Me and Glee arrived 45 minutes before the wedding started which gave us plenty of time to explore. It’s one of those places that make you go “oh” and “ah” while walking. Paco Park is just peacefully beautiful, if that makes any sense.

Again, thanks to Gaye, the bride and our friend for introducing us to another wonderful destination. What’s great about it…

A Dream Destination Fulfilled : Enchanted River

Me and my good friend Jules left the lodge around 6:00 am on a drizzling Saturday. We hopped on an ordinary bus marked Mangagoy from the Butuan bus terminal and traveled  four hours towards the municipality of Hinatuan. The ride with amazing mountain views for entertainment costs 163 pesos/head.

Upon arrival at the terminal near the public market in Mangagoy, we headed straight towards the first eatery we saw. It was only a few steps from where the bus stopped. For 30 pesos, I was able to order a big serving of octopus which was more than I can consume but since it was so cheap I couldn’t afford any of it to go to waste and so I committed myself into finishing everything. We were traveling on a tight schedule. Who knows when we can eat again properly?

During lunch, Jules asked the lady at the eatery where we can hire a habal-habal to take us to Enchanted River. Since she’s the only one who can speak Bisaya fluently and an expert on bargaining, I let her do most of the talking. She can…

Can't Travel Without These

While I am currently in the quest in becoming a fashionable adventurer (effect of watching too many America's Next Top Model episodes on cable!),  I always bring the following essentials when packing for a long trip, well, aside from cash and my mobile phone.  Happy Traveling!

1. First Aid Kit - It's for you and for others who might need your help. Prior to an incident on the road ,I don't bring first aid kits because I didn't think I'd need it.  One time, on my way home from Baler, we chanced on a collision between a van and a truck. The public van I rode was several vehicles behind and no one could pass through because the truck had blocked the entire road. We were also in an area that had no cellphone signal. Several people were shaken and injured. I remember one lady who was a bit in shock and had a deep punctured wound in her leg. Luckily, I had a first aid kit at that time and I was able to give her Betadine and bandage.

I also had a rock climbing accident wh…

The New Philtranco Website

It's new, it's hip. The new Philtranco website seems to be targeting the young and not-so young Pinoy backpackers. The website even comes with a Slide application that plays "This Kiss". It also contains travel information on several destinations around the Philippines that are plied by the Philtranco buses.

I love it! Link :

Romantic Get-away Suggestion

My younger brother enjoys out of town trips with his girlfriend and though he is fully aware that I’ve never had any romance in my life and that I prefer remote destinations with not a lot of amenities, he never fails to bug me for suggestions where they can go.

He even asked me to browse a certain resort once. It’s called Acuatico and is located in San Juan, Batangas. I’ve been here before. It’s the jump-off to Mt. Daguldol, a popular hiking destination here in the Philippines. The base of the mountain is near several resorts. The water is clean and very blue way back in 2006. I haven’t returned here since so I can’t vouch on its quality now.

I found the website of Acuatico and was amazed by the pictures I saw of its infinity pool. It looks really romantic and I wouldn’t mind spending days here – if it’s free. The price range of the accommodations here is around 5,000 to 21,000 pesos depending on the number of heads and the type of room. That’s enough to cause a heart attack for a back…

Odd Venture : My Experience as a Race Marshall

Saturday evening, I got an ambiguous text message from a friend of mine asking me for a callback regarding a marathon.

Curious, I decided to give him a call but the line was unclear. He called back a few minutes later. He said something about a run, seconds into the conversation later, I landed a new part-time job as race marshall for the Philippine International Marathon. It’s a benefit run for the Pasig river. I will be handing out the race markers – red strings for the 2.5KM mark for the 5KM run.

The run was held yesterday in Manila and what a fun experience it was! I encountered lots of types of runners. Most are polite – those who said thank you after I gave them the string while some are just too tired to care, some are overeager – people who hoard over the race marshalls for the string. Some are newbies, those who have no idea what a race marker is or where to put it. Some are just there to make pa-cute. Being a football player was an advantage. I'm used to defending my turf …

My Video and Picture Gallery

Just click on the photos and videos if you want to see more of my adventures :



My Multiply blog contains a lot of random babbling so if you think you have the patient to read all about me and all the other troubles I get myself into, feel free to browse through it. You have been warned.

7 Days in Borneo : Best Vacation So Far

This is my second time in the Malaysian part of Borneo. I first came here last March ‘09 with another friend and we had a blast wandering around Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan which is nearer to Mindanao.

The cheap food and accommodation, warm and hospitable people and the nature are the main reason why I love this place very much.

I will try not to be too talkative. Here are the highlights of our trip.

October 22, 2009 Day 1 : Arrival in KK
With very minimal budget, we initially planned on taking the public bus with a terminal that is a few minutes away from the airport (after exiting the airport doors, walk straight ahead, cross the street and walk towards your right side. Bus stop is a couple of blocks away). After waiting for about 15 minutes and no signs of the bus, we decided to walk all the way to the city center. We figured it was good training for the upcoming climbathon. We didn’t know exactly how to get there because the directions I have were for taking the public bus. It was a…

Sharing the Love : Travel Information on Borneo and Brunei


Just want to share some information on traveling in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sandakan and Brunei since a lot of people are asking me about it. Information are based from what I've researched from the web and the actual expenses we incurred.

You can fly from Manila to KK via Cebu Pacific
Or Clark to KK via Air Asia or Cebu Pacific.
If you fly via Air Asia, rates are normally at 5,000 pesos round trip. Do watch out for seat sales which Air Asia regularly does.

Airline Websites:

ACCOMMODATIONS (where we stayed)
Near KK City Center
Lavender Lodge
Address: No.6 Jalan Laiman Diki, Kg. Air, sabah. Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu
Website :
Booked Via Hostel World, see rates here:

In Kundasang Area (Not so near the Kinabalu Park)
Summer’s Mountain Lodge
Address: Kampung Tinompok, Kundasang, Kota Kinabalu