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Friday, November 25, 2011

Destination Runs in the Philippines

Fresh air, beautiful scenery and not your average road run are among the attractive points of an out of town organized run. These type of events are sprouting around the Philippines and most people are taking advantage of the opportunity to  travel and get fit at the same time.

Overseas, destination running is not a new idea. Ever heard of the Sahara Desert Marathon or the Vibram Hong Kong 100? I'm glad that various brands operating in the Philippines are beginning to notice its potential to draw crowds  and are jumping at the opportunity to expose runners  to  various routes  around the country. With proper management, it should  to be  a good thing because it helps drive business to the community.

There have been previous races that were raved by its participants such as the CDO-Dahilayan Run, a 55 KM Ultra marathon  which  took runners around CDO  and Dahilayan in Manolo Fortrich, Bukidnon. There’s also the local TNF 100 Series which is dear to my heart as several friends are part of the organizing committee. This year was held in CamSur and the route passed through Mt. Isarog.  Another wonderful event is the Kitanglad Rugged Mountain Race, spearheaded by another friend Ben Maputi, a trail run held at the beautiful but rough terrain of Mt. Kitanglad (watch out for part 2 on Feb. 2012!).  Another anticipated annual event and among my favorites is the  Corregidor International Half Marathon organized by Edward Kho. It’s usually held in December when weather is much cooler. For 2011, it’s going to be held on December 10.

Of course, I shall reserve an entire paragraph to praise  my loving hydration partner – Nathan Sports Philippines which had just concluded their first race. (Congrats!!!) The Nathan Ridge Run was held  within the  confines of Tagaytay Highlands where weather is cooler and the views of Taal Lake - breathtaking! Although I am utterly grateful to them for providing support during the race, I need to stress that I will  not be raving about them if I didn’t  truly enjoy it.  Part of the race kit is a free Nathan water bottle that can be used to refill at the hydration stations because no paper/plastic cups  were provided. There weren’t any liters in sight except for some bits and pieces of energy gels left on the side walk. There was also a shuttle from Manila to the venue which had to be paid by the participants at a reasonable price and oh, free lunch!!! It wasn't that much but it was good. Oh, the best thing of all - the views of Taal Lake! The route was grueling but fun, as it was mostly "uphell",  especially at the 21KM division where I joined. I finished in 3 hours which is a bit slow but I'm just happy because I was able to run as much as I could. It was my best effort! Haha! It was also nice to spend some time with old friends  and meet new people. (Hi friends!)

So if you're looking into a different type of thrill you may want to consider joining destination runs. You will most likely get a great deal because some organizers usually get  discounts from hotels or transportation and embed it to the registration fee. A highly recommended source is Takbo.Ph which has a calendar of running events. The site is pretty easy to navigate. If you want check out other sports apart from running,  check out Pinoy Fitness (Hello Jeff!!!) which features various events around the Philippines. 

Happy running everyone!
With friends :) - Thank you to Pinoy.Fitness.com for this photo! :)


  1. I once dated a girl who wanted to run a race in every one of the US states, and she was fascinated with these destination runs.

    It's interesting to read about runs in countries I'd never considered running in.

    Now if I could only beat these damned shin splints...

  2. wow gang gwapo naman nung guy in blue jacket! =)) parang gusto ko ma meet in person. haha Tin, I love the header and I miss you!

  3. ah.. so runner karin pala ah. astig. I also did join a running event once at 5K hehe

  4. i am yet to join destination runs... sana soon! :)

  5. @Chris - whoaa, that's 55 states! (?)...You should try running here when you come back. :) I prefer the runs done in cooler parts of the country like Baguio or Bukidnon.

    @Gael - haahaha! thanks Gael, alam mo bang pinalitan ko talaga ang comment moderation ko kasi sinabi mo..haha..thanks sa feedback (really!)..Hope to see you soon..Timbac diba? Hopefully yung naka blue na jacket na saksakan ng gwapo eh makasama..haha.

    @Ed - hahaha! congrats on your first 10K, you did so well! (parang proud mom lang, haha) Btw, nakuha mo ata lahat ng mga energy gels ko! 2 lang dapat yung sayo :P

    @Edmar - hehe, I'm not a serious runner, I just do it for fitness and food ( mas masarap kasi kumain after ng run! Hahaha!) I started with small distances too pero after some time, you'll get used to the distance and will want longer mileage.

    @Mervin - sali na..I'm sure madaming ganon next year.. in April 2012 - there's going to be The North Face Baguio. :) Masaya yung mga events nila although medyo challenging talaga yung course.

  6. wow ate (nakiki ate), never pako nagrun (except when I encountered a kapre in my neighborhood).. I'm wondering kung pwede na ba ang hiking shoes ko for a trail run? haha..

  7. @Dee - hahahah! bawal ang ate!!!! :P
    Hmm hiking shoes for trail run - pwede naman - wag lang yung boots type or more than 10KM kasi masakit sa paa. Iba kasi ang features ng trail running shoes sa hiking shoes. Some friends recommend Salomon - both for trail and hike kaso ang mahal. Di pa ako nakakabili. Parang too much for me :P


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