The Shoesharing Project

Hola amigos! (practicing my Spanish for a dream trip some time in the future :P)

Me and several blogger friends (JourneyingJames, and Batanggala) collaborated and launched, ShoeSharing Project. It's a shoe drive where we aim to collect footwear (old or new) for the young athletes of Bayawan City in Negros Oriental (Why them? Read about it here.) We are also accepting cash donations. 

You can contact me or anyone of us if you want to help (it will be very much welcomed with open arms!). Our contact details are on the poster below. We also need store owners who can accept shoe donations. We're hoping we can ship everything to Negros by December 1. If you want to partner with us, just send an email to 

More details about the project were posted in James' running site - Running.JourneyingJames

Thank you for taking time to read this. Have a great weekend! Feel free to spread the word! :)

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