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Thank You! Summing up January’s Happy Adventures

January will come to a close in a few days and I shall bid goodbye to an adventure-filled month within the confines of our home, taking it easy while sipping cups of coffee. I part with this moth with gratitude for all the wonderful experiences – both done solo and with an energetic bunch of old and new friends.

Here’s a rundown of how the first month of the year went.
1. January 8 - Solo Adventure at Tatlong Krus, Laguna – I first saw Kape Kesada, an art gallery café in Paete by browsing through a friend’s album on Facebook. Coffee and paintings happen to be two of my favorite things (ah scratch that, I like paintings, I LOOVEE coffee!) and so I knew I’d be going here soon. While doing some research, I also discovered a hiking trail where imposing views of Laguna bay can be seen. It seemed safe and easy, quite doable on my own.
It rained pretty much the entire time I was in Paete and even if I was drenched, cold and alone, I had a great time. The views at the peak which features Lag…

Mountaineering Movie - Touching the Void

Last weekend, with the help of a friend,  I was able to cross an item off my dream adventures list  - hike 3 peaks in a day! We not only did it once, we did it two days in a row! Let me stress though that I did not do it to earn bragging rights. I just love hiking and I love doing it that way. :)  It's been 3 days since our return to Manila and I could still feel the elation from that challenging but fun tryst around the mountains of Batangas and Cavite. We were blessed with cooperative weather and great company.  I shall post about that soon, both my mind and body are still in the midst of recuperating. :P 
For the meantime, let me entertain you with an inspiring documentary movie from 2003 called Touching the Void. It tells the story of two friends, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates who went on a mountain climbing trip in 1985 to climb the summit of the west face of Siula Grande in Peru, which prior to their attempt, had never been previously achieved by anyone. Of particular interest …

Mt. Maculot – Updated Itinerary and Expenses as of October 2016

Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas is one hiking destination that I will tirelessly visit. The easy commute, friendly locals and the tranquil views of Taal Lake from its minor peak called Rockies are the main reasons why I keep on coming back. 
Yesterday, I was here again with my cousin Len, who just survived her first mountain adventure (Wohoo!), Ivan of Batang Laktwatsero and one of my bestfriends - Jules of TheTrail Running Mistress. What made the trip special was our side trip to Taal Lake. Its entry point is in a nearby community, isolated by 1,009 stone steps (as counted by Ivan) from the main road.  
As Mt. Maculot is a haven for a lot of mountaineers, I recommend doing a day tour during the weekend as it tends to get too crowded or if you insist on staying for the night, do it on a Sunday or on a week day. 

There are two main jump-offs – Rockies and Grotto. The latter will lead you directly to the summit but since the views aren’t as spectacular as what can be seen from rockies, it …

Happy Friday Post #1 - Reading List

No weekend get-away? Why not immerse in a book that will  you feed your travel lust? Well at least until your next trip. :P I'm sharing with you two of my picks, one of which I saw while rummaging through the selections in Fully Booked. I hope I can grab a copy of these soon. :) I would actually opt to buy books over make-up which is why I don't own a lipstick (ooh, wait, I  do have one - a present from a relative, but I forgot where I placed it, haha!). 
Into the Wild
Author : Jon Krakauer
Price : 598 Pesos (Paperback)
Gist : Written by a New York Times' best-selling author who brought us Into Thin Air, an account of his 1996 Everest expedition that claimed the lives of four of his companions, Into the Wild features Christopher McCandless, a young guy who left his affluent life for the Alaskan wilderness in search for meaning. 
*Don't want to to read the book? Well, there's a movie adaptation from 2007. I've seen it and if you're into backpacking and adventure,…

Paete Solo Adventure

Last Sunday, a spur of the moment decision brought me 113 Kilometers southeast of Manila to the quiet town of Paete, Laguna  to check out a hiking trail and an art gallery cafe. 
It started raining by the time the bus reached SLEX and for a moment, I thought about home and how nice it would be to spend the entire day in bed just watching DVD's! Haha! 
Even as I got out of the bus in Sta. Cruz, the rain continued. Brrr, I prepared myself for one wet solitary hike. A jeepney to Siniloan which passes Paete (locals pronounce it as Pie-te) was immediately available by the side of the road. The driver informed me where to get off, a small street with  imposing views of the Sierra Madre. 
Confused where to go, I boarded a tricycle to take me to the jump-off which was just within walking distance from where I started. :P 
Tatlong Krus is a hiking destination which turns into a pilgrimage spot during the Holy Week. The concrete trail starts at Barangay Ilaya Norte amidst a small community of u…

Travel Video - Best 24 Hour-Adventure in Cebu!

A gorgeous weekend to everyone! :)
I'd like to share with you a video of a recent trip to Cebu where we were able to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, marvel at the Heritage Houses, church and museum in Boljoon and reach the summit of Osmena Peak all in a day! It amuses me how much fun you can have in a short span of time with proper planning and collaboration with friends who equally love travel and adventure!  The clips were shot by one of my companions, Doi (Traveling Feet) and edited by Drew (Trippings by Drew).  (Thank you both!)
Read about the trip here.
Oslob, Boljoon and Osmena Peak in one day from Drew Mamangun on Vimeo.

CamSur High - Journey Up Mt. Asog

Two years ago, a friend invited us to join an outreach program which he helped organized. It was in Iriga, Camarines Sur and the project was a collaboration of various mountaineering clubs in Luzon. I had never toured Cam Sur before, so despite having stitches on my left leg from a rock climbing accident the previous week, I  agreed to go. 
Aside from distributing school supplies and a tree-planting activity, part of the program was a day hike up an old volcano - Mt. Asog. Yay! 
On the second day, a huge dump truck picked us up from our  campsite located at one of Iriga's popular landmarks, the Tinagba Park, which was also named after an old Bicol Thanksgiving ritual. We traveled to the jump-off, an army detachment at Sitio Illian, Brgy. San Nicolas.  It was an adventure to get there. Aside from trying to balance ourselves  because there were no seats inside the truck, it lost its  breaks a few meters from where we were supposed to get off and everyone had to jump out. Fortunately, …

Year-End Climb : Mt. Balagbag Day Hike Traverse

As we started our hike down a rough road, we were welcomed with genuine smiles from the residents of Barangay Karahume in Rizal. A few meters farther, we ran into a crowd, comprising of members of the Dumagat tribe who traveled to receive supplies provided by a government official. They gave out curious, friendly looks to which I returned a jovial greeting. With me was a new acquaintance, a  fellow hiker who has explored several trails within Mt. Balagbag. I was informed that we were doing a traverse and I was ecstatic - as always. 
From the road side, we descended to a river trail that led to Ocho-Ocho Falls, where we had to climb five small falls. We bumped into another group - one of which was a fellow blogger - Dermin of The Quixotic World.

I had already ascended  about 15 feet of the fourth fall. On the last but toughest portion, my nerves started to get the best of me. Water was flowing everywhere and being acrophobic, I felt anxious about the altitude. I hang on to a  rock, unsur…