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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday Post #1 - Reading List

No weekend get-away? Why not immerse in a book that will  you feed your travel lust? Well at least until your next trip. :P I'm sharing with you two of my picks, one of which I saw while rummaging through the selections in Fully Booked. I hope I can grab a copy of these soon. :) I would actually opt to buy books over make-up which is why I don't own a lipstick (ooh, wait, I  do have one - a present from a relative, but I forgot where I placed it, haha!). 

Into the Wild
Photo Source : www.fullybookedonline.com
Author : Jon Krakauer
Price : 598 Pesos (Paperback)
Gist : Written by a New York Times' best-selling author who brought us Into Thin Air, an account of his 1996 Everest expedition that claimed the lives of four of his companions, Into the Wild features Christopher McCandless, a young guy who left his affluent life for the Alaskan wilderness in search for meaning. 

*Don't want to to read the book? Well, there's a movie adaptation from 2007. I've seen it and if you're into backpacking and adventure, there's a high chance, you'll enjoy watching this too. :)

Lunch in Paris
Photo Source : www.fullybookedonline.com 
Author : Elizabeth Bard
Price : 560 Pesos (Paperback)/999 Pesos (Hardcover)
Gist :  I browsed a couple pages and I was drawn to how the story was written. It's about a woman who was in Paris for a weekend, had lunch with a hunkylicious French and instantly falls for him. The story revolves around her two passions - the French guy and the French cuisine. For those who are into cooking, you will also be amused that this book comes with free recipes. 
Happy Reading! Oh, if you know where I can get these at a cheaper price, just message me. :) Thanks! 

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