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Book Sharing Project : Help Build a Library in Sorsogon

Help build a happy history by donating books (elementary levels and above) for the first-ever community library of Rizal Elementary School in Gubat, Sorsogon (First in 50 years!). The alumni association together with our contact, Emm Balabat are overseeing the library's construction while our group comprised of our leader - Journeying James is helping by filling the library with books!

Here are the ways you can help! 

 You can also donate in cash as we would need the money to transport the books from our  drop-off points to Sorsogon. That's about 14 hours of land travel and it's not going to be  cheap so we need your help as well. :)

Here's where you can drop-off your books during store hours. These stores have graciously supported our project! Thank you, thank you!

A Runner’s Circle (ARC)
Location: Unit H, Aloha Hotel, 2150 Roxas Boulevard Cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila, 1004 Philippines 
Store Hours: 
Monday – Closed; Tuesday to Friday – 12N…

I'm on Rappler!

A few weeks ago, a friend who writes for Rappler, a social news network, asked a group of travel bloggers  "Where do you travel during the rainy days? Why travel even if it's a rainy season? ".

Find out  the places we brave when every where else is wet in her article, Traveling on a Rainy Day

Izah Morales writes for several publications and the blogger behind Tripadora. More importantly, she enjoyed the outdoors when she went hiking with us in Mt. Pulag! :) Congrats on your first climb Izah and thank you for including me in your article. :)

Here's another one of articles for Rappler (and also a favorite story of mine) - Paddling in Lake Pandin

Mt. Damas Day Hike Traverse - A Sweet Suffering

"Mt. Damas Day hike on July 15!" When I received that text from hiker friend and fellow blogger, Gideon of Pinoy Mountaineer, I told him "Game! Wherever that is." I had no clue about our destination, but as I had not hiked in a month, I was ready to go anywhere as long as I get to see mountains. 
We left Manila at 12:30 am after the rest of the group were introduced to each other. There was a friendly vibe bursting in the air and so I could not help but feel very relaxed and in a few minutes, fell asleep peacefully. Dozing off beside me is another friend, Ivan of Batang Lakwatsero
 By 5:00 AM, we had arrived at our starting point in Barangay Papaac, in Camiling. Our host was GAME-NEST, a Tarlac-based hiking club who pioneered the establishment of the trails to Mt. Damas. Sir Emman informed us that the truck that was to take us to Sitio Dueg, our supposed jump-off did not arrive and so we had to hike two more hours by taking an established dirt trail in the mountai…

Philippine Hiking Blogs

Two days ago, I joined a day hike traverse in Mt. Damas organized by Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer  and hosted by Game-Nest,  an outdoor  group based in Tarlac. It turned out to be the hardest day hike I have ever done because of the hot temperature. 
I think I got half of my limited brain cells fried from hiking under the scorching sun and so I shall try to write about my beautiful suffering after a few days or weeks even :P. I had a lot of fun during that hike even if I was overwhelmed with fatigue.  The trail was awesome but the sun exposure was just too much! :P 

While I am trying to recover, I'd like to share with you a list of blogs which offer great information about hiking in the Philippines. (Listed randomly)

1. Pinoy Mountaineer
Site Owner : Gideon Lasco, MD
About The Site :
Cited in the Lonely Planet Philippines and Lonely Planet Southeast Asia guide books (2010) as a recommended portal in trekking the Philippine trails.  

I met Gideon two years ago for a project he's …

Trail Running Philippines : The North Face Baguio 2013

Since I've been  introduced to the grueling sport of trail running, I've witnessed runners crawl to the finish line as they complete either a 50 or 100 KM event,  while some never get the chance to cross that coveted marker. Some either miss the cut-off time, succumb to  injury  or yield to severe exhaustion.  The event which have made a mark in the running community of  having the toughest race course organized within the Philippine terrain  is the Thrill of the Trail, spearheaded by the outdoor brand,  The North Face
Apart from runners, the Thrill of the Trail attracts participants from different avenues  such  as the adventure racers, mountaineers  and  a small number  comprising of  gutsy trippers - people who are in it out of pure curiosity.  Since I can hardly do justice on what a runner is, I consider myself as more of a tripper and while I have the will and endurance to hike all day, I  am yet to gather the discipline, desire and stamina to survive an ultra marathon. …