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Two days ago, I joined a day hike traverse in Mt. Damas organized by Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer  and hosted by Game-Nest,  an outdoor  group based in Tarlac. It turned out to be the hardest day hike I have ever done because of the hot temperature. 
I think I got half of my limited brain cells fried from hiking under the scorching sun and so I shall try to write about my beautiful suffering after a few days or weeks even :P. I had a lot of fun during that hike even if I was overwhelmed with fatigue.  The trail was awesome but the sun exposure was just too much! :P 

While I am trying to recover, I'd like to share with you a list of blogs which offer great information about hiking in the Philippines. (Listed randomly)

1. Pinoy Mountaineer  
Site Owner : Gideon Lasco, MD
About The Site :
Cited in the Lonely Planet Philippines and Lonely Planet Southeast Asia guide books (2010) as a recommended portal in trekking the Philippine trails.  

I met Gideon two years ago for a project he's working on  with a former colleague of mine.  During that first meeting, I was enamored with  his humility and passion for hiking. After two years, we finally got the chance to hike together! :) 

Oh, here's his account of our recent day hike in Mt. Damas. Click here.
2.  Akyatera Bundokera
Site Owner : The gorgeous and semi-anoynymous Ms. BPS
About The Site : Contains climbing itineraries  of the lesser known hiking destinations. 

I climbed with BPS last year  and she showed me her favorite playground - Mt. Balagbag. I will never forget how I almost fainted from climbing the waterfalls.  I'm afraid of heights and anything that recreates the environment of the  rock climbing accident I had back in 2009 where I incurred 7 stitches. :p  Read about my misadventure here.
3. Lagataw 
Site Owner : Adonis Loren
About the Site : Love extreme day hikes?  Visit his site to get great ideas on what to try next. 

I admire this guy. He's very humble and easy to talk to.  It's too bad our planned day hike was postponed. Oh well, there's always a next time. :)
4. Tramping Philippines   
Site Owners : Agnes Navales and Dane Policarpio
About the SIte : Clean lay-out, amazing photos,  straight-forward information, entertaining write-ups are the things I love about it. 

The power duo are also working behind the Philippines First travel Web Series, PHL 360. I met both of them during the launch and I hope I can climb with them some day. :)
5. Batang Lakwatsero   
Site Owner : Ivan Cultura 
About the Site : Great writing and photos. I always tell Ivan that I feel embarrass  about my writing every time I read his. This young person has depth of character! :) How admirable.
6. The Quixotic World   
Site Owner : Anonymous 
About the Site : I love the heartfelt posts mixed with hiking itineraries.
How about you? Any other hiking blogs that are not on this list? Please share, I'd love to visit them. :) 

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