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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Philippine Hiking Blogs

Two days ago, I joined a day hike traverse in Mt. Damas organized by Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer  and hosted by Game-Nest,  an outdoor  group based in Tarlac. It turned out to be the hardest day hike I have ever done because of the hot temperature. 
I think I got half of my limited brain cells fried from hiking under the scorching sun and so I shall try to write about my beautiful suffering after a few days or weeks even :P. I had a lot of fun during that hike even if I was overwhelmed with fatigue.  The trail was awesome but the sun exposure was just too much! :P 

While I am trying to recover, I'd like to share with you a list of blogs which offer great information about hiking in the Philippines. (Listed randomly)

1. Pinoy Mountaineer  
Site Owner : Gideon Lasco, MD
About The Site :
Cited in the Lonely Planet Philippines and Lonely Planet Southeast Asia guide books (2010) as a recommended portal in trekking the Philippine trails.  

I met Gideon two years ago for a project he's working on  with a former colleague of mine.  During that first meeting, I was enamored with  his humility and passion for hiking. After two years, we finally got the chance to hike together! :) 

Oh, here's his account of our recent day hike in Mt. Damas. Click here.
2.  Akyatera Bundokera
Site Owner : The gorgeous and semi-anoynymous Ms. BPS
About The Site : Contains climbing itineraries  of the lesser known hiking destinations. 

I climbed with BPS last year  and she showed me her favorite playground - Mt. Balagbag. I will never forget how I almost fainted from climbing the waterfalls.  I'm afraid of heights and anything that recreates the environment of the  rock climbing accident I had back in 2009 where I incurred 7 stitches. :p  Read about my misadventure here. 
3. Lagataw 
Site Owner : Adonis Loren
About the Site : Love extreme day hikes?  Visit his site to get great ideas on what to try next. 

I admire this guy. He's very humble and easy to talk to.  It's too bad our planned day hike was postponed. Oh well, there's always a next time. :) 
4. Tramping Philippines   
Site Owners : Agnes Navales and Dane Policarpio
About the SIte : Clean lay-out, amazing photos,  straight-forward information, entertaining write-ups are the things I love about it. 

The power duo are also working behind the Philippines First travel Web Series, PHL 360. I met both of them during the launch and I hope I can climb with them some day. :) 

5. Batang Lakwatsero   
Site Owner : Ivan Cultura 
About the Site : Great writing and photos. I always tell Ivan that I feel embarrass  about my writing every time I read his. This young person has depth of character! :) How admirable.  
6. The Quixotic World   
Site Owner : Anonymous 
About the Site : I love the heartfelt posts mixed with hiking itineraries. 
How about you? Any other hiking blogs that are not on this list? Please share, I'd love to visit them. :) 


  1. oh.. binabasa ko lahat yan... including Missy's Sole Pendelum... http://www.tamanggala.com/ :)

  2. Kulang ang experience ko sa hiking, pero i'd love to do more din soon (although I am more of a beach person talaga hehe). Pinaka-elibs ako dyan kay Ivan especially his determination. :D

  3. wow. naligaw ata yung blog ko dyan. hehe

  4. Ms. Tine, thanks for the plug!

    Parang, parang... gusto kitang ilibre ng bacon. :D

  5. share ko rin pala, I have been following Sir Cecil and Sir Alman of AMCI. I love their wordplay, which are adventures on themselves.

    Cecil Morella - http://miraclecello.livejournal.com

    Dave Alman Quiboquibo - http://ialman.livejournal.com

  6. Ui Tin thanks! haha. BTW isa ka rin sa mga inaabangan kong hiking blogs kasama lahat ng sinabi mo jan. hahaha. si BPS lang ata ung di ko ganu na vivisit. ma check nga rin.

  7. mabilis ang feedback ni sir adonis at mas detailed ang itinerary..

  8. hi, hope you still remember me, share ko na rin yun site ko...^_^
    actually gumawa ako ng page tapos sinusubukan ko ngayon macollate lahat ng climbs ko na meron pa ko available pics..and then ishare ko rin..sayang yun iba wala talaga eh...^_^

    http://xplorerboyz.blogspot.com - L.T. Mountain Index...^_^

    thanks po...

  9. @lakwatserong tatay - of course! Ang saya kaya nung breakfast event natin sa BGC. hehe! :)

    Okay yung mountain index mo, some of the mountains, I have not heard yet. Ang ganda nung Mt. Lipata. I will plug this sa Twitter since I deactivated my FB Account muna. Nakakadistract kasi. hehe! :)

  10. Parang bigla akong nahiya. Puro idol ko lang yan mga nasa list. Hindi ako karapat dapat ata dito...pwede siguro ireplace yung #6 ng Jovialwanderer.com Or Tamanggala.com.

    PERO, ang pinaka bilib ako kay Ivan. Nang magsimula sya sa hiking just a year ago, anlakas ng influence, dumami ang mga bagong hiking blogs.

  11. @The Quixotic Hiker - huuuu! wag ka na mahiya. :) Deserving ka naman. :) Sinali kita dyan kasi maganda din yung nasshare sa iba yung nararamdaman mo during or outside the climb, not just the IT itself.

    And yes, I agree, Ivan is admirable.


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