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Friday, July 6, 2012

Trail Running Philippines : The North Face Baguio 2013

Since I've been  introduced to the grueling sport of trail running, I've witnessed runners crawl to the finish line as they complete either a 50 or 100 KM event,  while some never get the chance to cross that coveted marker. Some either miss the cut-off time, succumb to  injury  or yield to severe exhaustion.  The event which have made a mark in the running community of  having the toughest race course organized within the Philippine terrain  is the Thrill of the Trail, spearheaded by the outdoor brand,  The North Face

Apart from runners, the Thrill of the Trail attracts participants from different avenues  such  as the adventure racers, mountaineers  and  a small number  comprising of  gutsy trippers - people who are in it out of pure curiosity.  Since I can hardly do justice on what a runner is, I consider myself as more of a tripper and while I have the will and endurance to hike all day, I  am yet to gather the discipline, desire and stamina to survive an ultra marathon. I will not be able to attend this one since I will be attending  an important affair but  I am sharing this with you so you can block your calendars! :) Enjoy the mountains of Baguio on April 20-21, 2013! :) 

Teaser released through their Facebook page a few minutes ago. 

Check out their FB Page for more updates - The North Face PH
or visit the event website -  http://www.thrillofthetrail.ph/.


  1. Hope to join TNF runs some time soon.

  2. 50 km..? my recent hike is 2km lang.. hindi ko pa yata kaya ito ms. tine.

  3. If wer goin' to goin tnf trail run, will it require us ba na lahat ng running paraphernalias is tnf brand? from head to toe? :) thanks for answering my query :)

  4. @Anonymous - Based from previous experiences, only the bib number which they will provide is required to be worn. As for the brand you use, although it's preferred that you use TNF, it's not mandatory. :)

    @BPS and Dermin - sama kayo, madugo pero enjoy. Kahit yung 22KM muna, ganda kasi ng ruta nila lagi. :)


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