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Food Quest : The Sandwich Guy

If you're traveling to the Philippines or someone who's just overwhelmed with all the dishes offered that are always paired with rice, you may want to check out the kiosks of The Sandwich Guy. 
Started in 2008, The Sandwich Guy (TSG) is a quick-service restaurant that offers healthy and easily-prepared sandwiches using whole wheat bread, pastas and baked potatoes.With locations positioned in malls and business districts, its products are aptly priced, with sandwiches ranging from 55-130 Pesos, pastas at 70 Pesos depending on the type while baked potatoes are at 75 Pesos. Not bad at all for everyday consumption. :)
For this particular visit, I ordered Mushy bacon sandwich, mushy potato, chicken pesto and a bottle of Tropicana orange juice. Not that I needed to explain, but I was loading up for a basketball game in the afternoon. Hihi. Although there were numerous seats around this branch, I opted for a take-out as I was in a hurry. 
Here goes my spread.
Mushy Bacon sandwich comes w…

On Assignment : Columbia Eco Trail Pinatubo 2012 + Race Results & Winners

For the past couple of weeks, I've been actively pursuing another passion of mine - food! With the relentless quest for my selfish indulgence, my body started clamoring for physical activity that will not put a strain on my taste buds and that overstretched tummy. 
One evening, while gravitating towards a delicious spread of seafoods near the beach , I received news that Columbia Sportswear is organizing a trail run in Mt. Pinatubo. After a considerable absence from intense physical activities, I was excited to get back on the dirt and sweat it off. 
Apart from participating as a blogger, I was also tasked by Dispatch Media to interview some runners, along with a friend, Dominic or better known through his blog as Dong Ho. (Please watch their travel-docu, PHL360!) Our team who barely slept the night before, arrived at Nayong Pilipino in Pampanga with less than an hour before the gun start for the 12K Category which Dom and I joined. With everything happening in fast-paced motion, w…

My Experience On Air : Radio Interview for Byahe@Gimik

A few weeks ago, I accepted  an invitation to guest in a local radio show called Byahe@Gimik. The segment which is aired thrice a week via AM frequency DZAR 1026aims to promote traveling. Every Friday, they bring in travel bloggers to talk about their experiences, share their tips and encourage others to experience the joy of wandering around. 
Despite being a fidgety speaker who has a lot to improve on public speaking, I agreed to go because I know some bloggers who have previously guested on the show and they all said that they had so much fun. Naturally, I want in on the fun. :P 
I was actually feeling bouncy and excited until a few hours before the show when the nerves finally hit me. My palms started sweating, my heart rate has escalated its thumping and I felt fear creeping into my head. What if I choke on air? What if no words came out? What if I can't remember a thing?! 
But the saner, ballsy side of me prevailed. During the interview, I heard myself laughing a lot and having…

On Assignment : Baguio Tourist Spots

As a city-based wanderer, I am always excited to get away and enjoy nature. I especially love the rush of cold air and though I love hiking, I don't always crave for roughing it up in the mountains. A place where one can enjoy both nature and the comforts of modern facilities is Baguio, a top destination for both local and foreign tourists and an amazing jump-off to exploring the rest of the Cordillera region. 
Over the weekend, I had the delightful chance to go back here, along with six other blogger friends for a photography assignment. I enjoyed the trip so much, it did not feel like work, well for most parts anyway. I vow to dedicate a separate post about it, not out of gratitude for the all-expense paid trip, but out of wanting to share a happy experience, so hope you watch out for it. I am also hoping that the blessings will stretch some more so I can travel around the globe for free ;).  Haha! Don't most of us have that whim? :) Nevertheless, whether I get to trot the…