My Experience On Air : Radio Interview for Byahe@Gimik

*All photos appearing on this post are courtesy of Claire Hecita, the program producer. Thank you! :) 
A few weeks ago, I accepted  an invitation to guest in a local radio show called Byahe@Gimik. The segment which is aired thrice a week via AM frequency DZAR 1026 aims to promote traveling. Every Friday, they bring in travel bloggers to talk about their experiences, share their tips and encourage others to experience the joy of wandering around. 

Despite being a fidgety speaker who has a lot to improve on public speaking, I agreed to go because I know some bloggers who have previously guested on the show and they all said that they had so much fun. Naturally, I want in on the fun. :P 

I was actually feeling bouncy and excited until a few hours before the show when the nerves finally hit me. My palms started sweating, my heart rate has escalated its thumping and I felt fear creeping into my head. What if I choke on air? What if no words came out? What if I can't remember a thing?! 

But the saner, ballsy side of me prevailed. During the interview, I heard myself laughing a lot and having a great time. The host, Mr. Tony Cuevas is a very professional and amazing interviewer. He's very perceptive, able to structure questions that are easy to answer, made me feel relax, at ease and  made me want to talk a LOT! 

Claire Hecita, the program producer who invited is also very warm and friendly, like an old friend. :) She went through my blog and already knew what sort of questions to ask so everything went smoothly during the show. The rest of the staff, including the guard at the ground floor also made me feel very welcome. 

During the interview
After the show, with Mr. Tony Cuevas (his co-host,  Jamie Fournier, was on leave that day)
and Ms. Claire Hecita (Program Producer)
As the interview came to a close, sir Tony gave me an opportunity to promote my blog and greet people. Out of nervousness, I almost forgot to greet my family. Wah! Good thing I was able to squeeze it in. 

Thank you to everyone who watched the live stream via Sonshine Radyo TV and  to those who listened on-air via DZAR 1026. :) Thanks also to my friend Drew for referring me to the show and to everyone who gave me tips on guesting, especially to Pinoy Adventurista (who suggested I bring a USB so I can get a copy of the interview right after the show) and JourneyingJames. Lastly, thanks Byahe@Gimik team for inviting me. I had a great time! :) 

If you are a fellow blogger reading this and have received the invite to guest on the show, I encourage you to accept. You get to share about your passion, meet people who are dedicated to their profession, promote your blog, greet loved ones on air and conquer your apprehensions. :) 

Did you miss my interview? You can listen to it below. I have a copy of the video where you can actually see me talking but I  decided to upload it as an audio file instead because I fidgeted and moved animatedly from my seat -A LOT, so it's very distracting. Haha! :P 

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
1:00 PM -2:00 PM 
Hosts :  Mr. Tony Cuevas and Ms. Jamie Fournier
To those located in the Philippines, you can tune in to AM radio at DZAR 1026. If you are overseas, you can listen to the show by following these steps :  Frequency.
Live Stream also Available at :

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