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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food Quest : The Sandwich Guy

The Sandwich Guy, McKinley Hill, Taguig 
If you're traveling to the Philippines or someone who's just overwhelmed with all the dishes offered that are always paired with rice, you may want to check out the kiosks of The Sandwich Guy. 

Started in 2008, The Sandwich Guy (TSG) is a quick-service restaurant that offers healthy and easily-prepared sandwiches using whole wheat bread, pastas and baked potatoes.With locations positioned in malls and business districts, its products are aptly priced, with sandwiches ranging from 55-130 Pesos, pastas at 70 Pesos depending on the type while baked potatoes are at 75 Pesos. Not bad at all for everyday consumption. :)

For this particular visit, I ordered Mushy bacon sandwich, mushy potato, chicken pesto and a bottle of Tropicana orange juice. Not that I needed to explain, but I was loading up for a basketball game in the afternoon. Hihi. Although there were numerous seats around this branch, I opted for a take-out as I was in a hurry. 

Here goes my spread.

Mushy Bacon sandwich comes with bacon bits, beef, mushroom with loads of melted cheese. The bacon is steamed, not fried. The loaves of its sandwiches come in the shape of a hexagon. The lines made by the toaster makes it nice to look at. 

Mushy Bacon (95 Pesos)
The Mushy Potato are baby potatoes with mushroom and melted cheese. If you like the taste of Cheez Whiz, you'll definitely roll over with delight on this one. What I love about this dish is that the potatoes are not soggy. 

Mushy Potato (75 Pesos)
TSG is where I go when I am craving for quick serving of pesto. It can be ordered with just the basil leaves and cheese or if you're loading on protein order it with grilled chicken or tuna & crabstick. 

Chicken Pesto (95 Pesos)
As someone who is loyal to rice meals, I've always looked at sandwiches as something that gets me by until the next big meal but TSG made me change my mind. 

Find out the TSG branch near you by visiting its website or by subscribing to its Facebook page, The Sandwich Guy

Are you a foodie?  Join Manila Foodies on Facebook! We welcome kindred spirits who love food. You don't have to be a blogger or photographer to join. If you love food and enjoy talking about it,  then you are very much welcome to share your latest edible find.  Click here to direct you to Manila Foodies.


  1. my favorites are: peanut butter banana and bbq chicken! =)

  2. @Chyng - oooh! Sounds delicious. Ittry ko nga din yan. Hihi! I love PB and chicken! Salamat sa idea. :)

  3. @Mich - ako gusto ko itry yung chicken barbeque sandwich. :) I tried the peanut butter and banana, it's really good! :)

  4. Ang ganda tignan nung grill lines sa sandwich! can't wait to try TSG next month.

    Ung sloppy joe kaya nila masarap? sa picture palang, mouth-watering na hehehe. Hmm, nacurious ako with mushy potato, i've been searching for reviews about TSG. madalas eto ang nakikita kong order nila..try ko rin kaya ito.

    Haiz, last month kasi dapat matratry ko na ito, kaso sarado na ung SM MOA branch (sa e-com center). Maaga ata sila nagsasara pag weekends eh? T.T

  5. sandwich guy is one of my favorite snack place, everytime I look for a healthier option of snack this is the place I go


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