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A Guide to Enjoying Sorsogon (Via Dispatch Media)

A province in the Bicol Region, Sorsogon offers a variety of attractions for travelers who love nature. Aside from the whale sharks in Donsol, it is blessed with amazing beaches, surf spots, hot springs, historical structures and scenic hiking trails. Read the rest of my post at Dispatch Mag Online. 

Food Quest : Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef & Brewer (Marikina)

I just got home. It's 1:26 AM, five hours past my bed time and my brain's running full speed from the excitement of discovering another foodie's haven so I'm nowhere near getting a peaceful sleep. 
I'm on a food high!
A few hours earlier, me and my two reliable allies battled the headache-inducing Friday traffic to visit a restaurant that's gaining attention from the blogging community. Barely a year old, Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef & Brewer are for those who enjoy discovering and dining at places that offer comfort food in a homely setting. With a good mix of Filipino and Italian dishes on the menu that come in affordable prices (around 200-350 Pesos), you are assured to find a dish that will make you beam. 
We stayed here for almost four hours and if only they weren't closing, I would have lasted for a few more hours since they also offer unlimited brewed coffee for 1 Peso! (Insane deal!) :)  
Now, on with the shameless parade of food :

Here, chatter and g…

Mt. Sto. Tomas, (Tuba, Benguet)

Last month, I went to Baguio for a side job and one of the highlights of the trip, apart from traveling with blogger friends and meeting new ones was the hiking. 
Considered as the highest peak closest to Baguio City, Mt. Sto. Tomas towers at 2,256 MASL. The trail to its summit starts at Green Valley at Sitio Digdigwayan  in Baguio City. From its terminal along Shagem Street near Burnham Park, the jeepney ride is just 30 minutes (costs about 15 Pesos as of 2011), but you may need to wait a while for the jeep to fill up with passengers. Another option is to get a cab and ask the driver to take you to Green Valley. 
As the trail inescapably passes by another peak, Mt. Cabuyao (2,025 MASL) which is the first peak from the jump-off, most people do a twin day hike. 
The trail starts at a residential area with a concrete road. Taking the traditional route up, it is possible to bring a vehicle to the summit of Mt. Cabuyao which is marked with three crosses but you need to watch out for landsl…

Azalea Residences : Baguio's Holiday Haven

As I enjoy indulging in budget accommodations, posh hotels with endearing bellboys are what I normally don't get to relish. This doesn't mean I detest classy hotels because there's definitely a reason behind the premium pricing. I wouldn't mind staying somewhere really nice for a break from all that roughing up, especially when the cash I earned doesn't have to go out of my own pocket. ;)
Last month, along with six other travel bloggers and two model families, we went around Baguio to take photos of tourist spots which can be enjoyed by a family or a group of friends. The assignment was from Azalea Residences, who took care of our stay, meals and transportation from Manila. This post is not out of gratitude but because I truly enjoyed my stay with them and hope to share this delightful experience with you. :) 
Here are the things I loved during my stay here : 
1. Cozy interiors - each room is made to look like a home and contains a kitchen & dining area, sofa (an…