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Globe Telecom's Data Roaming Flat Rate

Hello wandering subscribers of Globe! (and if you're not a subscriber and have cherished chums who are, please feel free to forward this :) )

Globe's unlimited data roaming flat rate of P599/day is now available in over 70 countries worldwide! 

This offer is convenient when traveling overseas and you find yourself in dire need of internet access. Let's say, you need to view an online map or a navigation app to make your way around a place, you're scouting for a hotel and restaurant to try or need to send an important email. The service also comes with an excellent complement -  free travel insurance! :) 
What Plans are covered by this service?
All Globe Postpaid Plans. It is currently not available for Globe Prepaid, Load Tipid Plans and Load Allowance Plans.

How to Use?
No need to register, just switch on your data roaming and you'll be locked on to Globe's partner carrier in your destination. You will receive a notification upon first data usage to signify the beg…

Batad-Banaue Half-Marathon

As part of my training for a long hike we did last October, I joined the Batad-Banaue Marathon, a destination run organized by Baguio-based running group, Team Malaya
*Blog about our long hike in Mt. Kitanglad & Dulang-Dulang here
Participants had the option to register in either a 21K (half-mary) or a 42K. The route, which  is one of the major draws to this event gave us the opportunity to enjoy a cold, scenic run from the Banaue town proper to the remote community of Batad. It was held August 24, 2014, an excellent time to view the rice terraces as it's greenest from  August-September.   On our first day,  we enjoyed the pool at Banaue hotel where Ferdz was checked in. It was near the garden and I was struck with excitement when I saw it. There's an excellent view of nearby mountains and it was deserted too so we had it to ourselves the entire afternoon! 

The deepest end of the pool is  12 feet with a diving board over it. I've never seen a recreational pool as deep …

Hiking Log : Mt. Kitanglad-Dulang-Dulang Traverse in a Day

A mountain that has appealed to my fascination for trees, plants and long hikes is Mt. Dulang-Dulang. :) Located in the province of Bukidnon, it is known for its beautiful mossy forests and is the 2nd highest peak in the Philippines at 2,938 MASL. A trail exists that connects it to a volcano, Mt. Kitanglad, the country's 4th highest summit. 

Since we needed to fly from Manila to get here, we thought it was more economical to squeeze two peaks in one trip instead of going back for the other in a separate trip. :) 
Among local mountaineers, this trail is nicknamed as D2-K, with the usual route starting at Mt. Dulang-Dulang and then on to Mt. Kitanglad. However,  we were advised by our friend from Bukidnon, Ben Maputi, that it's cheaper if we do a reverse so we decided to climb up via  Mt. Kitanglad then go down at Mt. Dulang-Dulang. 

Preparation :
Earlier during the year, I made a commitment to get fitter so I started training 10 months prior to the hike,  doing a variation of  swim…

Sands at SM by the Bay

Sands at SM by the Bay, Manila’s Newest Outdoor Sports and Event Destination,  Now Open!
Back when I was actively playing football, I had to travel  from Manila to Subic to play in beach football tournaments. While it was fun to get out of the city with the team, it eventually got harder over the years to field a team due to the expenses and time involved to participate in out of town tournaments. 
Which is why I am very pleased to share about the launch of Sands at SM by the Bay which would pave the way to beach tournaments within the city.  

Press Release
Sands at SM by the BAY is the only beach-themed, multi-purpose, outdoor sand court in the city. With an impressive and spacious court area measuring 28x18 meters, Sands is an ideal facility for outdoor sports such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, football and sepak takraw. Sands in also the perfect venue for product launches and beach-themed parties without the hassle of travelling outside the city. 
At the launch were former DLSU Lady…

Berghaus Urban Adventure Games 2014

Here's an exciting event that combines the use of technology & physical activity. 
Berghaus,  a UK-based outdoor brand has collaborated with Cyburban (FB Page here), an adventure game which allows you to organize your own tours, scavenger hunts and more with less manpower!
Ari Bancale of Cyburban shared  some interesting details about this game :  "Form a team of 3,the Berghaus Urban Adventure Games will give you challenges for the mind and body that requires you to be at your peak performance levels. Run through parkour obstacles. Test your strength at the CrossFit stations. Solve riddles, puzzles, and run around the Circuit Grounds to look for objects in a digitized scavenger hunt.
Different skill levels are provided for the right fitness levels of your team. Teams under the fun category can expect casual thrills. Competitive teams will find the obstacle combos to be a real challenge. And, the core adventurers of the Elite category will be sent out to the City of Manila to …