Berghaus Urban Adventure Games 2014

Here's an exciting event that combines the use of technology & physical activity. 

Berghaus,  a UK-based outdoor brand has collaborated with Cyburban (FB Page here), an adventure game which allows you to organize your own tours, scavenger hunts and more with less manpower!

Ari Bancale of Cyburban shared  some interesting details about this game : 
"Form a team of 3,the Berghaus Urban Adventure Games will give you challenges for the mind and body that requires you to be at your peak performance levels. Run through parkour obstacles. Test your strength at the CrossFit stations. Solve riddles, puzzles, and run around the Circuit Grounds to look for objects in a digitized scavenger hunt.

Different skill levels are provided for the right fitness levels of your team. Teams under the fun category can expect casual thrills. Competitive teams will find the obstacle combos to be a real challenge. And, the core adventurers of the Elite category will be sent out to the City of Manila to validate their endurance and street smarts.

This is the first of a new genre of adventure games where skill is more important than time. Do you have the courage to live for adventure?"

This is a sample QR Code that the teams will be looking for during the event :

It reminds me of Amazing Race wherein you do challenges and search for the next clue.Kara Santos of Traveling Up blog, along with fellow bloggers did a dry run of the adventure game (and I felt bad I wasn't able to go!). Read her blog, it should give you a pretty good idea on what's in store on the actual date. :) 

Before you register, note that you will need to at least have one android phone per team and you will be providing your own internet access during the event.  You also need to bring extra batteries, power banks or back-up phones. For more details, visit the event website - Cyburban - Berghaus 

Last Day of Registration is on November 12, 2014! :) 
Berghaus 2014
Urban Adventure Games
Date : November 15, 2014, Saturday
Time : For the Fun teams, orientation is at 730am. Teams will be released in waves starting at 8am. For the Competitive teams, orientation is at 530am. Teams will be released in waves starting at 6am.
Venue : Circuit Makati (check out Our Awesome Planet for directions on how to get to here)

This event is part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  If you opt not to join the race, drop by and enjoy the activities at the festival. From 6AM-12MN, inspiring, award-winning films that capture the essence of adventure and celebrate human prowess. 

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